free pizza

  1. Kurt Halfyard

    Lyft's DRIVER OF THE MONTH Pizza Lunch - Aug 29

    Anyone going to this? The Driver Of The Month event is at their Hayden Rd. Office at 3:30 on Thursday, which is terribly inconvenient for me personally. (And they only cover 30 minutes of Parking -- I imagine the event is longer than 30 minutes?) Either way, if someone goes, take some pics...
  2. B

    Free Toppers Pizza for Uber Drivers!!

    Hi Everyone! Toppers Pizza is making sure those who will be driving guests around the Twin Cities for the big game are fueled with quality pizza. Any Uber driver in the area can visit either the Bloomington (7821 Portland Avenue South) or St. Paul (1154 Grand Avenue) Toppers Pizza location and...
  3. Jdemonto

    Free Pizza tonight

    Looks like riders will get free pizza from 6-9pm tonight