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  1. elronaldo

    Fraud ATM Withdrawals - Uber/Lyft Instant Pay??

    Just had over $1,200 taken out of my account by fraudulent 'ATM withdrawals'. Suspect that Uber/Lyft card info on file for instant pay may be the compromise vector. Anybody else having this happen? 'Merchant' Shown on card charge is 'ATM CASH Withdrawals' in my case, each in Huntington Beach...
  2. B

    BEWARE: Fraudulent scheme last night

    Last night I almost got scammed at Logan. Beware of this fraudulent scheme! Ride request came in from Rob at the airport Hilton. No passenger shows up, but someone called on the phone. Caller said they were from Uber headquarters, and the ride should be cancelled - without charging the...
  3. Frank Underwood

    Solution for Drunk Riders!

    Ladies and gentleman, Some info for any seasoned driver or any future ants considering becoming a rideshare slave. If you work any night, naturally assume you will pick up at least three of these disgusting drunk animals from Uber or Lyft. *Have a dashcam that records inside the car, the front...
  4. F

    Surrendered my tlc plates today. Uber = Fraud

    Hello and goodbye uber. 1 year and 7 months doing xl, black and suv mostly from long island. Uber bill destroyed any incentive for me to work. It took 1 year and 7 months for me to feel like a hero coming from a zero (no offense). Whats next? I am back in college with 2 years to go. Here...
  5. Jo3030

    Here’s the due diligence report Alphabet wants to use in its lawsuit against Uber

    Here’s the due diligence report Alphabet wants to use in its lawsuit against Uber https://www.recode.net/2017/10/2/16404154/uber-alphabet-due-diligence-report-self-driving-lawsuit-trade-secret?utm_campaign=jmbooyah&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter A report that Alphabet...
  6. D

    Fraudulent request...Case Study

    Date: Sunday, September 25 Time: approx 3pm Place: Chelsea SUMMARY Uber driver accepts “stacked” request, ignores a “prank” call from “Uber tech”, and then notifies Uber Support upon confirming the ride request is fraudulent. I received a call from someone claiming I was going to get a...
  7. Frank Underwood

    Lyft is run by Sociopath

    Lyft is a very incompetent and morally bankrupt company. They offer these stupid incentives that are near impossible to reach. I think lyft games their algorithm to prevent payouts. It's pretty amazing how this incompetent company has deceived the world. They are a poor imitation of uber with...
  8. R

    Gas Station Debit Card Skimmers

    fwck the mods here
  9. tomatopaste

    Riders should have to prove their "service dog" is a service dog.

    Nothing I hate more than having to transport someone's "service dog" just because they say it's a service dog. Is this not fraud? Don't you have to register and get government authorization to park in a handicap spot? What's the difference? Other than me having to drive around with the windows...
  10. BurgerTiime

    Passengers use app to summon their getaway car

    Man unknowingly becomes getaway driver http://www.kare11.com/news/man-unknowingly-becomes-getaway-driver/467142989 MAN UNKNOWINGLY BECOMES GETAWAY DRIVER A Twin Cities Lyft and Uber driver has one crazy story to tell after a recent pickup. It turns out he unknowingly became a getaway driver...
  11. PTUber

    Latest Travis News

    Ousted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is being sued for fraud by one of the biggest names in venture capital, reports Axios. Benchmark Capital, one of Uber's earliest investors, says Kalanick wants to “pack Uber’s Board with loyal allies” to “clear the path for his eventual return as CEO.” If the suit...
  12. QLDUberDriver

    The dumpster fire at Uber HQ rages on.

    Benchmark Capital just accused former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick of fraud The dumpster fire at Uber HQ rages on. Benchmark Capital, one of the company’s investors with members on its board, has filed a lawsuit against former CEO Travis Kalanick accusing him of fraud, violation of his...
  13. BurgerTiime

    VC Firm Benchmark is suing Travis Kalanick for fraud

    https://www.axios.com/benchmark-capital-sues-travis-kalanick-for-fraud-2471455477.html?stream=top-stories&utm_source=alert&utm_medium=email&utm_term=alerts_all Update: Uber shareholder group asks Benchmark to step down from board following Kalanick suit...
  14. Maven

    Ebay Car Buying Scam

    This has appeared several times in the Advise forum, but I have not seen it in this forum. Be aware, if you're not already, that there are many scams and scammers eager to take your money. https://uberpeople.net/threads/heads-up-fellow-drivers-scam-alert.154418/...
  15. SuzeCB

    Jerks at the Marina Grill

    So last night I pick up for grown-ass adults at the Marina Grill. We're not talking about college kids here, or millennials. These people were close to, if not actually my age. We're getting along well, chatting, joking, laughing, and traveling along the road together when all of a sudden, just...
  16. Zoran Polic

    Account Hacked - Any advice?

    My account seemed to have been hacked last night. Someone called me to tell me I had received a fraudulent riding request from Katie and instructed me how to cancel it from my driver app. I was not suspicious and complied. He started asking me questions to verify my username and phone number...
  17. A

    Fraud rider information. Be careful

    Today I have got a rider call and the address was 17 minutes away from my location. I have accepted the call and drove to the location which was a rural area. There was no one around and I have called the rider and no answer. Then my phone ringed and it was the uber number. The rider was calling...
  18. IAmYourRide

    Scam Alert

    I drive in NYC... Last night, I got a ping in lower Manhattan. As I approached the pax, I got a call from someone claiming to be an Uber rep who was asking me to verify my identification. They asked me for my phone number and email address... then they told me the last two steps were for me to...
  19. I

    (HELP PLEASE)FRAUD / SCAMMED @ X Change Leasing North Hollywood Showroom

    Hello fellow Uber drivers, I am new to this forum and thought to sign up because I require advice. I joined Uber early this year, 2017, in January. One month later I decided to lease a car with Xchange Leasing via Uber. Exactly on February 1st, I visited the North Hollywood Showroom for my first...
  20. joffie


    Accepted a 1.9 and straight away swapped me to 1.5. Currently sitting in 2.6 and they send me base. What a joke.