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  1. Certain Judgment

    A "Bailout?" More like "Bullspit!"

    I sent the following message to Lyft yesterday: Their response: I know for a fact their app switches passengers a lot more often than the parameters spelled out above. I have been around the back side of a building from a PAX or two blocks away, and the app will switch me to someone in the...
  2. A

    Anyone previously had difficulty receiving new driver bonus?

    Hi there, I have been fighting uber for over a week now to receive my new driver bonus. Multiple times I've been told they're sending me my money, and no money has ever been sent. This on top of them blocking me from receiving it in the first place for "no reason" according to an uber helper...
  3. Cowboyup

    Did anyone see a 5 star fall from the sky???

    So i just looked over and found that I lost a five star from my ratings. It wasn't replaced with any other rating in 24 hours. Last night 398 total rated rides and now same thing. But less one 5 star. WTF???