fort worth

  1. financeguy13

    Fort Worth - oversaturated or just different?

    Lately I've seen Fort Worth left out of metroplex surge events. This photo is after the Super Bowl ended. Dallas/Collin Counties have surge but hardly anything in Tarrant and nothing in Fort Worth. Every event is different and there are multiple factors to consider in regards to rider demand...
  2. Sonja Crocker

    New Uber Driver in Fort Worth

    Hello everyone! I am new and have yet to have my first drive. I actually live about 25 miles northwest of Fort Worth. I know I will have to make a trek to get a ride. Does anyone out there have any advice about where and when I should make that first drive? Also, what extras do you provide? I...
  3. f250ubercajundfw

    "wait times" my ASS!!!!

    unfortunately, you are not eligible for cancellation fees and/or waiting periods, I hope this resolved any issues, it defiantly resolved me waiting.... if I pull up and your ass ain't on the corner waiting on me or dnot hop skip and JUMP towards my damn truck, better call for another ride...
  4. f250ubercajundfw

    Grey areas on the map?

    what are these areas? usually I see em around airports but I dropped off my last rider at ridgemar and parked. I've been idling my diesel for about an hour now with no nibbles when I noticed I'm sitting in a grey shaded area.
  5. financeguy13

    DFW Top 25 in Alcohol Sales for April

    Read this Fort Worth Star Telegram article tonight and interesting to see how the places I've picked up at are ranked. FW drivers won't be too surprised at Varsity Tavern being #1 in FW. Those folks are so right to be ordering an Uber at 2am. Any thoughts? Here are the top 25 in alcohol...
  6. UberMeansSuper

    Poll: 5 Minutes in $0 Cancel Fee City?

    I drive in Dallas/Fort Worth and we're one of the $0 cancellation fee cities (aside from $0.85/mile, $0.10/minute slave wages). I have taken to waiting only three minutes for the pax if they're not exercising the good ol' "toes on the curb" ritual I'm sure my fellow drivers appreciate. Do you...
  7. Reason


    I looked up Uber Dallas on Google and saw reviews of some familiar faces and names. So I did some searching on all the reviews and turns out that almost all of Uber Dallas management lied to increase their ratings on Google and for proof I'll put each name of the ones that were involved just...
  8. DentonDriver

    North Texas Driver

    Hello, everyone -- I've been driving Uber for about a year now, and love it. Recently, I started driving in Denton, Texas (~40 min. north of downtown Dallas or Fort Worth). If there are any other DFW drivers (especially those who frequent Denton) drop me a line! p.s. Univ. of North Texas...