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fort myers

  1. DallasDriver86

    how's your uber driving experience in Fort Myers?

    I am moving back to Fort Myers area after 4 years..Probably lot of things have changed since I left...I will probably do uber as a hobby....anyone have any bad experiences so far?
  2. markbridge

    Fort Myers Car Age Requirement 2017?

    What is the current cut 0ff for car age for 2017 in Fort Myers? Anyone get their 2001 okayed for the coming year? I've heard it's either 2001, or 2004, 0r maybe 2008. Anyone know for sure? Thanks in advance!
  3. M

    Cop questions outside a bar

    I was pulling up to pick up a rider at Duffys. There were a few cops outside. My rider was very drunk and I guess the cops were happy to see me there. My concern is what one of the cops says to me. She begins to ask me if I have a permit. I told her I have no idea what she is talking about. She...
  4. JasonMazda3

    Ok to ask for a 5-star rating?

    Hello everyone.....I just started Uber driving 3 weeks ago when I got a qualifying car. I have had 40 rides so far, but only 29 of those were rated. Is it ok etiquette-wise to say something like, "thank you, have a good night, and a 5-star rating is always appreciated." If not getting a tip...
  5. J

    You'll Make No $ Memorial Day through Labor Day

    The snowbirds are gone from early May until mid to late September in Fort Myers/Naples. I've been driving for Uber...you get maybe 2-5 rides a night. I'm barely making a profit to cover my gas. It's not worth it until the place becomes packed with people. All my rides are taking people to and...
  6. D

    super slowed summer uber driver? Fort myers , Naples

    ive noticed that this month the number of ride requests have dropped substantially ... and i mean crazy less, i could normally make 400 ish in under 20 hours and get constant ,0 , 5 , 10, sometimes up to 15 but not often, min between at most when i chose to drive... now i can sit in my house or...
  7. O

    Compliance with Lee County regs

    Have many Uber drivers in Fort Myers complied with the August 1 regs, gotten registered, inspected. If so what was the process? How long does it take? What is the cost?