fort lauderdale

  1. The Entomologist

    Contest for an exploit of your choosing, where is Waldo?

    Through out next week and next week only! I will be riding into FLL or MIA airports at any random pax pick up loc, windows open and this song blasting: You know that guy is going faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr as hell and coming back the same way (maybe?), ask for selfie (blackmail... since my...
  2. WhiteWhale

    Need an advice where to drive in FL

    Hello everyone, I need your advice to make a decision where to drive this upcoming season! First I have never been visiting Florida and I don’t know about the traffic and hotspots, whatever I just decided to joy next 3 or 4 months living and driving full time for Uber&Lyft in Florida. Now I...
  3. YaelDrives

    Lyft Express Disaster in Fort Lauderdale

    Hi everyone. I am sharing my lyft express disaster in the Fort Lauderdale market. Tonight is my last night with the car. I am so excited to get rid of it. It was a disaster because I made no money. In fact I lost money. It is important to keep in mind the personality of each market is different...
  4. K

    New Uber eats Drivers - Broward County

    New Uber eats driver in south florida (Not Miami), I'm mostly in the fort lauderdale plantation area. Any tips on areas to get more than 1 ride and hour?
  5. Manotas

    email from Uber inquiring "if you drive for others"

    Did anyone else get this email? ... Also on a related note, I tried opening my driving summaries from Lyft via app and website and it's not available. huh? BTW the link to the email sends you to this site:
  6. vaski

    I have to bring this out (FLL)

    Everything that going on with the FLL airport is complete mess, starting from QUEUE and finishing with picking up a people, which is confused where the **** is commercial vehicles pick up area. The first thin tell me where you are waiting for the ping? Most of the people including myself do it...
  7. ub3r1can

    FTL Downtown Countdown 2016 Traffic Plan
  8. Manotas

    Is this thing replacing the glowing pink stash?

    Has anyone been on the Lyft site lately? Is that thing on the login page going to replace the glowing pink mustache?
  9. YorkieLover

    Boat Show weekend of 04-NOV-2016

    How is everyone doing during the boat show? Any helpful tips? Staying away? Real time updates for this weekend.
  10. makes_sense

    Juno taking on Uber in the Big Apple
  11. Nenee

    Crazy drivers last night

    With 2 wks ofndriving under my belt I have been calling it quits at around 1am when it's busy. I usually stay in Miami Beach. Last night I decided to spend some time in fort Lauderdale, wow what an experience. it felt like cops are there to babysit college kids and keep them from jumping in...
  12. Manotas

    Lyft MIA new procedures

    huh??? These are Lyft's new regulation for MIA... I'm trying to figure out where is it that we're supposed to pickup the Pax? It says pickup in arrivals. Does this mean anywhere in arrivals?
  13. Uber Brazil/USA

    Downtown Fort Lauderdale any good?

    Downtown Fort Lauderdale any better than "slow Boca"?
  14. Manotas

    Uber Rolls Out App Improvements Aimed at Drivers

    SAN FRANCISCO — Tensions have long simmered between Uber and its drivers who power the ride-hailing service. Drivers held protests when Uber cut fares with little warning and have filed class-action lawsuits to be recognized as company employees rather than independent contractors. Uber is...
  15. M

    UBER nudging customers into using UBER pool .
  16. Manotas

    Another reason why I'm driving for Lyft only

    I got this response after I had a Pax bring to my car 2 small childer (one of them child seat age), after I told the Pax I couldn't take them I closed the ride & reported to Lyft in case he was going to complain about me refusing a ride ===================================== T... (Lyft) May...
  17. aflb6675

    Driving For Uber in Fort Lauderdale – FL

    I am going back to school the get my AS Degree, so I thought i could make some money on my own time. Before deciding to drive for Uber, I did some research online about the experience other people had with the company. I read posts and watched many videos on youtube of experienced drivers...
  18. A

    Free 19 point Inspection - Fort Lauderdale

    I needed to get a new 19 point inspection and I found a place in Fort Lauderdale that did it for free, I was in and out in 20 minutes. Prestige European - 711 W. Broward Blvd. Drive Safely!
  19. D

    Brand new Lexus GX for rent or revenue share. Uber luxury SUV.

    Did you know that a $20 ride with uber X is $140 with luxury SUV? If you have a 4.8 star rating, move to a brand new Lexus GX and make much more money without adding miles to your current car. Rent or revenue share. You just pay for gas. We take care of everything else. Even commercial...
  20. R

    Miami Events

    If you need to make money in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surroundings, you must be aware of where potential riders are. Where people are is available on Admiami where you can find a list of events. What is best is that it is well formatted for the smart phone. I thought I would share this.