forced pool

  1. Edman

    Does Discrimination and Harassment Apply to Contractors?

    The way Uber is treating Drivers does below question apply? "Does discrimination and harassment apply to contractors?" Question comes up due to some drivers receiving special text or emails for example below links. Is this not considered...
  2. SMH Uber

    Forced Pools still happening?

    I saw a thread on hear abt this week's ago. I did not have that issue then, but today I am experiencing. Is this still an issue for any of you? Seems like I will be doing less uber and more Lyft. I am furious!
  3. Silent_Philosodriver

    Uber 'fixed' Destination Filter...guess what is likely next?

    So, I guess at least we had plenty of time for the warning that Dest. Filter trips didn't count for incentives. Most of us figured out for a while, that at least for PDB, they were counted. Now, they 'fixed' it and it certainly removed a bit of help on achieving PDB. I did use the filter daily...