for hire

  1. LadyJ8A


    Im going to go schedule for the NYC FHV class but I want to know from people that been there before ...QUESTIONS... Do they provide books we can keep? How much do we have to study? Anything else you want to tell me about fhv class I will appreciate
  2. M

    For hire tags issues today!?

    For some reason uber xl option vanished from my account, and I don't even get any uber x requests just meals, so what's going on?
  3. tipster98122

    Seattle Uber "For Hire" drivers get preferential treatment AND automatic tips. WHY?

    It was my understanding that the For Hire cars were Uber's contracted taxi partners for airport pickups? I assumed the taxis were the Q cars since I see them drop/pick up pax right at terminal door. Today, I wanted to test that assumption so I pinged 2 For Hires at the airport and was...