1. mrpjfresh

    Lyft drivers congregating on highway shoulders for PPZ

    Holy smokes. What a bunch of fools! Some guys actually out of their cars, bs'ing on the shoulder of the interstate like it is a gas station or the pig pen at the airport. Has anyone actually seen this in their market? I've seen some idiotic behavior by Uber/Lyft drivers in my time but this...
  2. Antvirus

    Quest Haiku

    the ants leave their nest all awaken chase the quest the bank repossess
  3. N

    $250,000 for a monopoly ?

    My daddy won the lottery in WA recently.......yoohooo ! Fooled those overpaid useless politicians in parliament.
  4. Kawiz03

    Kicked out 2 passengers tonight

    Not sure whats up tonight first one unrully passenger drunk off her mind cursing at me and acting a fool had to call the cops..acting all big and bad til the cops told her to gtfo..second one five college kids trying to do a clown car. freaking DC ruined my whole night.
  5. Xris Xros


    I am so sick and tired of NY drivers. They are everywhere now. You can even see them in Newark nowadays. How is this fair game? Why can't they fricking stay in NY? The worst part is that they act like they fricking own EWR, with all their honking and speeding. I am still gonna beat up one of...
  6. SafeT

    Desperate SUV drivers in all catagories (SUV, BLACK, XL)

    Just keep requesting XL until you get one of these desperate dweeb FUbers fools for the cheap.