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food in the car

  1. QLDUberDriver

    Dont be a fool for the next Uber income scam "Cargo"

    This seems to be trying to excite the already grubby pax that bring food to UberX drivers. Nick Whigham seems to be one writer who cant wait to stuff his face with food on his way to media lunches instead of writing the truth about workers incomes. All those who think this is a great way to add...
  2. QLDUberDriver

    Another way for riders to leave crap and food in your car.

    There Could Be a Vending Machine in Every Uber Ride in the Near Future A game-changer for the popular share-ride company. A new start-up has raised $1.75 million USD in seed funding as it tries to put a vending machine in every Uber. Cargo has developed a system that will see a custom display...
  3. pandabubbletea

    Curbside Delivery Special!

    We are offering a new Curbside Delivery Special! Grab a bite to eat without leaving your car! A Chicken Buffini Panini and a fruit tea for $9. No tax and paid in cash. Call ahead and mention curbside special: (212) 988-8878. At our sister Chatime Location: 858 Lexington Ave New York NY
  4. RUSSREED2.0


    It was either this or vomit. He was feeling sick. I rolled the dice. But NEVER again. Drive-thru is DONE! 1 ☆all you want. I'm beyond done!!!
  5. UberXploited

    What's your go to meal?

    What do you eat on your breaks and in between trips. Do you buy junk food like Mcdonalds or do you make your own food and if so how do you store it? Also, where do you eat it? In the car or on a park bench somewhere? And do you stay online while eating or go offline?
  6. Knowdigity

    Stop eating in my car

    I don't usually like to complain about stuff especially to a group of people I don't even know but this has gotten on my nerves for some time now. Does anyone else find it extremely rude when pax eat in your car? I can't stand the smell of their greasy food, the sound of their mouths chewing, or...
  7. Agent99

    Gave my first "1 Star" to rider

    I picked up a well-dressed businessman with a 4.8 rating. He had a can of Coca-Cola in his hand. I could have asked him not to drink it in the car but I decided not to say anything. I figured he probably would not spill it. Near the end of the ride I started hearing the sound of his crumpling...