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food delivery

  1. E

    GM partners w/DoorDash to test autonomous food delivery

    Cruise Automation, the self-driving unit of General Motors, is teaming up with DoorDash to test a food delivery service in San Francisco using autonomous vehicles. The pilot will commence in “early 2019,” the companies said, but it will only be available in the section of the city where Cruise...
  2. SirNomad

    UBEReats restaurant denied giving me food.

    I went to pick up the order as usual. The Carribean Diner in Orlando. The girl there refused to give me the food until I swiped picked up on the App. I told her that's not UBER's policy for pickup. She then refused to give me the food. I talked to the manager of the restaurant and they said...
  3. QLDUberDriver

    UberEats delivery about to get even more crowded with workers.

    If you thought the food delivery on Uber was crowded with drivers, rest assured Foodoras closure will now mean those bike riders will be now chasing more UberEats and Deliveroo. -------------------- Foodora to cease Australian operations FOODORA is getting out of the Australian food fight...
  4. A

    Delivery bag

    Hello! where I can buy a delivery bag or backpack in Montreal? Thank you
  5. J

    UberEats not worth doing anymore!!!

    Worked UberEats as side money mostly on Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's... for almost a year now (June 2016)....rates were as of May 7... $3.00 Base + $2.50 per mile... on May 8 rates officially change to $2.00 Base + $1.30 per mile + $1.00 drop off ... First to go from $2.50 to $1.30 is...
  6. Instyle

    McDonald’s home delivery with Uber

    McDonald’s is bringing home delivery to Australia through a partnership with Uber. The delivery trial kicks off in the US and the UK with Australia to follow in coming months, AdNews understands. McDonald’s has been trialling home delivery since 2013, rolling out McDelivery in selected suburbs...
  7. intrakitt

    RE: UberEATS - "Are you the pizza boy?"

    Does anyone get bent out of shape when someone asks if you're the pizza boy/pizza guy when delivering pizzas? Has it ever happened to you? Should it bother you, or is that arrogance? Does it bother anyone the "less than" attitude you receive from some (more than some) people? If you're using...
  8. PCKUP

    PCKUP.CO - On demand delivery in NJ

    I'm launching a new Postmates competitor that focuses on those suburban markets that the others aren't playing in. We have a ton of great new partners whom have begun to sign up. I'm looking for drivers but before we start the BLITZ...I want to know what you the driver is looking for from on...
  9. MikesUber

    Is it Worth it to Start Postmates?

    Current U/L driver here -- I see a Saturday session has opened for 2/6 here in Pittsburgh. Question is, is it worth it to start up with Postmates? I will keep reading the PM threads here and doing research; I do have some questions: - I know they provide your insulated bag, how good of a job...