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  1. chi1cabby

    Florida | HB 509 doesn't require Uber to provide Primary Insurance until March 2017

    Rep Matt Gaetz's Florida TNC Bill, HB 509, leaves Drivers uninsured by Not requiring Uber to provide Primary Insurance Coverage until March 1, 2017. The law itself would go into effect July 1, 2016. There are umpteen States where TNCs are currently required to, and are providing 'App On'...
  2. chi1cabby

    #UberENDRUN | Getting Drivers declared as Independent Contractors by States' TNC Laws

    Ohio FLSA Nullification: Thanx to the retiring Rep Bob Hackett and Rep Mike Duffy, Uber will get Ohio Legislature to statutorily declare that Drivers are Independent Contractors, and not Employees, regardless of the actual relationship between the Drivers & Uber and the degree of Control...
  3. UberTaxPro

    Florida Uber driver arrested for exchanging a ride in his vehicle for oral sex

  4. S

    Unemployment Claim in Florida (Independent Contractor)

    Florida has ruled that ride share drivers are not entitled to unemployment insurance claim. They do consider you to be independent contractors who can turn your apps on and off as you like. Guess who Fly Uncle Charlie Kite You (UBER) our so called partner...
  5. CommanderXL

    Florida House committee gives Uber a victory

    Florida House committee gives Uber a victory http://www.wtsp.com/story/news/crime/2015/12/02/florida-house-committee-gives-uber-victory/76695894/
  6. Y

    Looking for a ride from Leesburg to Orlando

    I'll be going to an event in Orlando next month and I'm posting here to see if there is anyway to get a car over to where I live. I need to know so I know someone will be able to pick me up on the day of the event. I'll be going to a convention in Orlando on Thursday, December 17th. Thank you!
  7. S

    Is the new Uber app available in florida?

    I was talking to my friend a few hours ago and he said he has the new updated app that allows you to see the heat map, etc etc, has anyone gotten the up date today.
  8. 2hot2handle

    Uber Wants Us To Speak Up On Their Behalf Florida Drivers

    Did you guys get the email yet? Well uber wants both riders and drivers to stand up to the state government and tell them why uber needs to stay here and how great they are and we need them....lol? How many drivers are really going to say to government here to keep Uber here...please...my...
  9. OrlUberOffDriver


    MISSING MAN "Investigators said Charles Tighe III left his home in Dunnellon on Sept. 28. He was last seen around Oct. 7 at Georgetown University Hospital on Reservoir Road NW in Washington D.C." http://m.clickorlando.com/news/deputies-searching-for-missing-marion-county-man/35832676 Please...
  10. N

    Early Airport Ride (4:30 am)

    I need a early airport ride (4:30 am) to the Tampa Airport, but I live in the Bradenton area. I've taken two ubers to the airport before but its been between 7am-9am. Does anyone know the likelihood that I'll be able to get a ride this early??
  11. Q

    Tampa, Florida New Driver Here

    Hi guys. I am new to the Uber world. I know that they are currently working on the regulations and what not. Does this mean we are ok to drive in Tampa as of right now? Also, where are the good spots to drive? And what about times? I went online and didn't get not one request. Is there a faster...