1. makes_sense

    Unemployed Florida man tells police he robbed store to feed family was unemployed two months

  2. paulbernard

    Florida, social security and unemployment

    I started driving for Uber in 2019. I also started collecting social security. I haven't driven since 3/11/20 because of COVID19. Can anyone tell me if I am eligible to apply for unemployment and if so, where do I go online to file? Thanks!
  3. OrlUberOffDriver

    Florida Corona Deaths

    2 dead in Lee County. too close for comfort?! Bye bye tourism...I’ll have a Corona on that!
  4. Pax Collector

    Is that a gator in your pants or are you happy to see me?

    Legend has it she's hailed a few Lyft rides.
  5. OrlUberOffDriver

    E-Pass App

  6. S

    Uber Blue Light Sign Warning

    Yes, I got a ticket for using the Blue Dashboard sign. The issue I have is that Uber sent me that sign. I asked them about it and they have played double down dumb. Uber's polices that they do not cover parking tickets or moving violation tickets. This is a a non-moving statutory violation...
  7. R

    Drivers United

    To: MICHELE ARINGTON Assistant General Counsel FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION '........................................ Goodmorning, Ms. Arington: It is with great interest and disbelief the DRIVER SERVICES INDUSTRY has been watching and waiting for the FTC and DOJ to intervene on STATE ACTION...
  8. F

    Uber Lawsuit Go Time in Florida

    Goodmorning, Mr Patronis, Chief Financial Officer for the State of Florida: This communication is to advise you of pending legal action against the State of Florida per: 768.28(6)(a) and (b): According to section 768.28(6)(a): An action may not be instituted on a claim against the state or...
  9. S

    What if rideshare companies stop giving credits or money back when pax bad rate drivers?

    Seriously what if this was possible. Would ride requests go up or down?
  10. ChristopherHouston89

    Moving to a new city

    Hi Everybody, I am going to be moving temporally back to Orlando for 3 months or so to take care of my parents. While I am there I won't be working so I will be doing Uber/Lyft, Postmates, Instacart, etc on the side to make a few extra bucks. What I am wanting to know in regards to Uber (or...
  11. ChristopherHouston89

    Uber X in Orlando

    Hey ya'll, I'm going to be moving to Orlando (Winter Springs/Seminole County to be exact) in a month to take care of my parents. Till I find a full time job I figure I will be Ubering / Lyft to make some money. I know I have to get my car which is currently registered in Texas over to Florida...
  12. QbanMike305

    LYFT Changed The Rider I Accepted The Ping From

    This happened twice to me today. I'm in Miami, Florida. I accepted a Lyft ping from 1 mile away. While I was on my way to pick up the pax, Lyft changed my pax to a totally different one almost 10 miles away. The second time I accepted a ping from a block away. I turn my car on, put it on...
  13. Punisher187

    Florida HS Gunman Took an Uber...

    Dang Uber is involved in everything now...RIP to all lives lost. Alleged Florida Gunman Took an Uber to School Before Shooting - http://fortune.com/2018/02/15/alleged-florida-gunman-took-an-uber-to-school-before-shooting/
  14. BadWolf

    Lana Del Rey Stalker & Uber

    Lana Del Rey is one of my favorite female singers and I was shocked to hear the suspected kidnapper allegedly “got out of an Uber” on the way to the concert. Imagine the conversation the Uber driver had to make with this guy. Watch the video here at 37-47 seconds...
  15. phochief

    Allstate Rideshare endorsement coming to Florida

    Maybe this is old news, but I got an email directly from Allstate today saying they will begin offering their Rideshare endorsement in the state of Florida in May 2018.
  16. GoGoPowerJuice

    Looking for Driver Feedback on Product Development!

    Hi fellow drivers! I'm a founder for a startup in Florida called GoGoPowerJuice, and we're developing a new product for rideshare drivers. We understand that there are high costs for being a rideshare driver for: Gas Car related expenses (maintenance, car payments) High rideshare platform...
  17. BurgerTiime

    Uber has a never-ending stream of driver sexual assaults

    http://wfla.com/2017/12/09/florida-uber-driver-charged-with-sexual-assault-of-passenger/ Orlando Uber driver charged with sexual assault of passenger ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – A Florida Uber driver is facing charges that he sexually assaulted a drunken passenger. The Orlando Sentinel reports...
  18. Mista T

    The ultimate Unaccompanied Minor story

    Whoops.... Mama loads kid in the car and driver takes off with kid before she gets in.
  19. L

    New Tallahassee Driver -- Questions

    I am looking to get started with both Uber and Lyft in Tallahassee. I will only be driving 10-20 hours during peak times. 1. Based on your experience what are the best hours to drive and how much have you made hourly? 2. Do you receive many tips, if so, can you please let me know what your...
  20. kyle91


    What your preparation or your plans to do when Irma hits florida or Gainesville fl area staying or leaving or what is your plans