floor mats

  1. mkantar4

    Problems With Passengers Kicking and destroying Floor Mats?

    Everytime a new passenger gets into my car, my car mats get kicked around and destroyed. I've had to buy new ones like three times already. After every passenger I have to waste my time going back there and fixing them. Found this solution and wanted to share it with you all!: Eagle Klaw ...
  2. Big_John

    Seat and Floor Covers $$$

    Just spent a couple of days pay on WeatherTech floor covers and a backseat cover for my brand new car. I live in San Diego and work down town, huge party spot after 10pm. Is it going to be worth the investment?
  3. Fireguy50

    I'm sad now

    That was great writing, good plot. Had potential to be featured. Moderators should feel ashamed they ruined a masterpiece of trolling art
  4. AutoPreme

    Hi everyone :)

    Just got involved with Uber Black to get into the "luxury" car service business and I'll tell you one thing...everyone tips because of how nice my cars interior is. They think its VIP more than black! The key is interior (the little things)
  5. MikesUber

    Uber HERO: Volunteer to Drive More Drunk Pax

    Uber paired with The Hero Campaign last October, but I just received this email today. This way if you opt-in you will be directed to areas of high demand for designated drivers. Now you too will have an even higher chance of getting someone who will throw up. It's a win-win. Become an Uber...