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  1. ZenUber

    Pool Riders Hooking up.

    Anybody have pool riders hitting on each other? Happened 2 times the other night. Picked up a dude, then picked up a girl. Ride was almost over and I hear the guy say "are you single." She says "yes." He asks "can I have you number?" and she gives it to him. Just like that! Half an hour later...
  2. Jack Malarkey

    Uber’s advice: never touch, flirt with or comment on the appearance of a rider or ask whether single

    Uber included the following advice in an email to drivers sent on 23 November 2018 at 3.01 pm: Respecting your rider’s personal space Touching or flirting with a rider in the car is not appropriate in any circumstance. Commenting on a rider’s appearance or asking if they’re single can also...
  3. FAC

    Can you end a ride early and throw a Pax out?

    I typically stop driving around 10pm to avoid the drunks. Friday I did my first 10-2am drive. Nearly everyone drunk but happy go lucky drunks. Then I had a group of 4 men visiting from Chicago. Midway through the ride the three in the backseat started offering to perform very explicit sexual...
  4. Matthew ryan

    Watch the college women

    So it started off as a normal night driving around downtown and picking up people from bars and the local college scenery. Sitting parked and waiting for a call I finally get a notification on my phone, I click accept and recognize the name that pops up. I head over to the destination and pick...