flat rate fares

  1. Glovl

    Uber scam

    Flat fare was ok for me couple cents there and there + - whatever. I know we already aware of it, but today it was a disaster. Three rides passangers overpaying around 7 cad each. One ride from yonge and clark to yonge and bloor. Pax payed 37.33 cad. I see charge 29.07 cad. Pax shown me her...
  2. chi1cabby

    Why are London Drivers screening Heathrow pickups and cancelling many ride requests?

    Mike Butcher is the Editor-At-Large for TechCrunch. He tweeted about London Drivers screening Heathrow pickups by destination and cancelling multiple times. His tweet was answered by many others with the same experience. Can London Drivers please post the reasons why this is occurring? And will...