1. T

    Anyone else get a weird account message?

    last night I received a message in app that my account was flagged because I haven’t completed my UberEATS deliveries. This is completely false. I have a 97% customer rating and would never steal food. When I tried to call the reps say they’re having issues and hang up. I emailed and they came...
  2. T

    Account got airport flagged

    Okay I'm in a terrible situation right now, my work is mostly airport this is how I provide for my family, 5 days ago I was queued at the airport just like the usual, and then everything stopped, I found out that I got flagged for no reason, contacted uber told me that there is going to be an...
  3. L

    Flagged by Samba?

    I live in Massachusetts & SambaSafety flagged something on my driving record, does this mean I cannot drive with lyft? Can I appeal or dispute this decision?
  4. S

    Rider Flogged me with Flags... lol

    I really wish I had a better understanding of which rider gave me the flag flogging. I can think of one ride that wasn't peachy and I down rated them, the rest were awesome trips but yet, some snobby cu** flogged me, lol Also, I really wish the "**** 4 and below" would be better broken down...
  5. BAKAD

    Flag Issues?

    Download new Uber app, what do I get flag issues. I try so hard to make the ride pleasant and this is what I get. Almost 1000 rides I had 2 issues when I started and nothing for 9 months, 100s of rides now this. Either my driving got bad or something has changed where Uber is asking...

    Time out for not accepting rides?

    In Connecticut, drivers have been suspended temporarily for not accepting pings. This suspension lasts 2 to 10 minutes at a time. Uber had been texting, emailing, and even calling drivers to let them know their account was flagged. Anyone in any other market experience this in the past or...
  7. LA#1x3

    Omg I got another cancelation noticed I been flagged again

    Wow I just got another text saying I been flagged Uber here. Your account has been flagged for canceling trips to get requests at a higher surge multiplier. This is a very poor rider experience and top rider complaint.