first timers

  1. K

    Just bought my first car and need help with some questions.

    Hello! I just bought my first car, Civic 07, I plan on using it for ride sharing but I need some help with some first time owner / Uber driver questions. Location: New Jersey I bought the car from a used car dealer, (a first for me as well), and is currently being financed by the dealer...
  2. Osaka88

    Starting UberX this week - Airport questions

    Hi Adelaide UberPeople, Due to being without work in my career field again I am picking up my Uber application where I left off last time and am picking up a Trax LS through Maven Gig tomorrow. I've read the Beginners Advice thread through and through but I am still somewhat nervous as it seems...
  3. fatty

    Car Inspections

    I'm looking into driving for Uber. I have a 2002 civic and will be doing this part time to help pay off some debt. I see the registration form and notice that it says nothing about cosmetic damage inside or outside of the car. Is the inspector going to hit me for that at all? Is damage arbitrary...
  4. john welling

    browns/cinci game

    first time driving on game day,any thoughts?
  5. Verdigo998

    Start up costs

    Does anyone remember what their start up costs were? I'm trying to give my little brother a better understanding of what it costs to do this. Also weekly costs would be great. I'm trying to give him a broad range so that he had all the info he can get. Thanks in advance. :-D