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first time

  1. N

    My First Night Rideshare Driving!

    Here's my first time experience as a rideshare driver in Boston! I live about 20 minutes north of Boston and went in for my first time last night with Lyft. I hope this helps some of you looking to start here but not knowing what to expect.. because I sure didn't! I broke down my trips to give...
  2. W

    New at LAX and need help!

    Today i decided to go to lax to pick up for the first time (only been with uber for 2 weeks). When i arrived i parked in the lot next to other drivers. I saw everyone was getting a ping except for me so i drove out of the lot and came back in as suggested by uber. I still didnt get any pings. I...
  3. H

    First Timer Dallas,TX Questions

    Hello, this is my first time posting and using Uber. I have signed up, and put in all of my bank information. I get weekly emails telling me my statement ( which has been at $0). I keep seeing everywhere that I need a permit? Is this true before I start actually driving? Also, what does that...
  4. PTUber

    Weekend of First

    First Puker: Picked up 2 young ladies downtown Minneapolis heading to a small private college in St. Paul. A school not really known for their partying. They didn't seem real drunk but they were talking about some shots some married guy bought them. One of the girls starts saying she might puke...
  5. Charlie

    What to do ?? First time accident

    Hello Everyone, As the title says, first time in a car accident not my fault other driver hit me . What should i do ? How to fix my car damage n avoid any hassle & yes i did reported to police as i didnt wanted to run after the other driver later on. And no uber or lyft etc were on, in...