first time driver

  1. J

    New to Uber

    Will be doing my first Uber trip tomorrow. Needing to do this as a full time job until I can get off disability and go back to my regular job (Also looking for other employment if anyone out there is looking to hire). All I've seen is how dead it is in Lehigh Valley on these forums, so my...
  2. black rhino

    Considering Uber through Xchange car leasing. Any advice out there?

    Total expenses per month, including gas, lease, and insurance, are $1200. That doesn't include Scotch Guard or car washes. Never done this before so I have a few basic dumb questions -- 1) If you drive 1000 miles a week, can it be profitable? 2) Is it possible to drive 1000 miles/week? 3) How...
  3. P

    How do I get app to work?

    I have yet to start driving because when I hit the online button, I get the following message: One or more of your documents is invalid, expired or pending review. I've told Uber this several times and they said all of my stuff has been approved and to turn my phone off and on. Nothing seems to...