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first day driving

  1. EpicSwoleness

    First morning...

    So after weeks of agonizing whether or not to drive for Uber, I finally "switched on" this morning. Soon I got my first ping, about 5 miles away...halfway there the pax cancelled so I got a small fee for my trouble. A while later I got my second ping, just about 4 miles total, and the pax gave...
  2. TinyRick

    First day!

    Hey my fellow Uber drivers! Today was my first day driving and I had so much fun...drove some lady who advertised and traveled the world, some drunk people...and so on. It was pretty dope. I look forward to sharing many stories with you all :) .
  3. Tim Goyette

    First Day Driving

    Yesterday was my first day driving and I have to say it was very positive. I only drove for three hours and made over $70. Two of my five trips were to DIA and the other three were neighborhood fares netting me about $5 a piece. My plan was to find some place to park when I wasn't driving a...