1. J

    Travis hiring ex-cons now

    Travis now wants to hire ex-cons cause he says people deserve a second chance. the real reason why he wants to hire them is to increase the amount of drivers, since there is a high turnover rate. he doesn't really care about second chances. this is why he is against states doing their own...
  2. Ziggy

    Austin Fingerprints - Austin TNC License PROCESS

    Quickest way to get your fingerprints done for TNC is to make an appointment here - Contrary to what you may have heard ... fingerprints are not being processed at ACC ... you must go to either DPS (108 Denison Rd) or an Identogo location (4 in...
  3. Ziggy

    Austin Fingerprints - Uber/Lyft defeated

    > Uber and Lyft have dumped more than $8 million into a campaign supporting Proposition 1, sponsoring glossy mailers, television ads and free rides to the polls. The relentless campaigning is a symptom of six...
  4. Ziggy

    Newark Mayor - Stands his ground

    > Newark - Facing an all-out campaign to stop the city from regulating Uber and other app-based livery services, Mayor Ras Baraka is launching a fight of his own. In a video posted to the city's...
  5. Chlo1


    as of today are you required to get fingerprints to drive for Austin uber?!
  6. Ziggy

    Uber will pay $10 million in driver background check lawsuit

    > LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ride-hailing company Uber will pay at least $10 million to settle allegations by California prosecutors that the ride-hailing company misled passengers about the quality of its...
  7. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Do you agree that Uber resists driver fingerprinting in New Jersey, says it will hurt recruiting

    Uber resists driver fingerprinting in New Jersey, says it will hurt recruiting. what are your thoughts?
  8. Ziggy

    TNC Ordinance [STATUS]

    Here's the short code for this post: *in case you want to share it ;) Austin City Council just passed the TNC Ordinance that requires Fingerprint BG ... after several hours of debate ... vote was 9-2 (with only Zimmerman & Troxclair opposed). Video of the entire City...
  9. couchpotatoism

    Why Fingerprinting is bad

    As a guy told me who works for a tech security company said, once a person's fingerprints are stolen / compromised, the victim can never use them again. It's like having a master key to someone's house no matter how many times they change the lock. How are u going to get someone to change their...