1. BurgerTiime

    The FTC has been called upon to investigate Uber's privacy fingerprinting violations Things just keep getting worse and worse for Uber practically on a daily basis. Pretty much a playbook on what not to do as...
  2. Maven

    Quick, Simple, Easy & Secure Passwords

    If you're reading this then you are already ahead :) Most people are terrible at boring password security. Yet, near 100% certainty that at least one of the organizations you deal with is hacked, revealing your password every 3-12 months, compromising financial and highly personal information...
  3. ladriversteve

    Fingerprint Background Checks - CPUC

    Hi All, The CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) which regulates TNC in CA is asking for public opinion on if TNC's (Uber \ Lyft) should be required to use fingerprinting as part of their background check process. I personally am all for it, as other than the cost of it do not see why...
  4. Cctx61

    What's the deal with registering with the SAPD?

    I came across a thread from May talking about the verification application and fingerprinting through the police department. I've been driving for Uber and Lyft since May and never got any information about this. In fact, I was approved to drive with Uber in less than 2 hours. I found the...
  5. W

    BREAKING NEWS, Uber and LYFT are staying in Chicago!

    City of Chicago and Uber and Lyft came to agreement, No Fingerprint test and no Disable requirement. Uber and Lyft are trying to remove the age requirement for all the car.