1. U

    No stopping fine Melbourne CBD

    Hey guys, just looking for some advice. So I got a $161 fine for 'stopping in a no stopping area' on Exhibition Street, Melbourne CBD at 9.11AM. Obviously I was either picking up or dropping off a rider. I went to the website and they had a photo. It shows my car with left indicator on, rear...
  2. G

    Dangerous ride share drivers

    In Australia there will always be a high percentage of ride share drivers who will pass a police RBT when pulled over. Many of these same drivers will, however, fail a basic drug test. This is because drugs remains in your system for a much longer time. Unlike alcohol. How any govt thinks that...
  3. BurgerTiime

    Uber fined $1.71 million for data breach in UK and Netherlands

    Full: Uber Technologies Inc., which is already facing a range of legal and regulatory headaches in London, got another Tuesday after it was fined 385,000 pounds ($491,000) over a...
  4. bnelsonte

    TLC tickets at the airport, entrapment, and biased court

    I am about to pay the TLC fine in NYC. I went to the trial where the OATH judge was clearly in TLC corner. I was entrapped as in saying "no" to a strange looking man at LGA who wouldn't leave and kept acting vulnerable as if he needed a break and have someone bail him out. There was no intent...
  5. WestSydGuy

    NSW new road rule $448 fine 40kph limit past blue & red lights. Be wary Uber people
  6. Mkbaybay

    Uber deducted $100 off my pay saying it was a TSA fine (San Francisco)

    Hi guys! On July 9th Uber deducted $100 on my pay. I was curious and called them immediately and they said the charge was from TSA from an airport trip on May 7th 2018. They said an airport employee saw me drop off a passenger and my Uber stickers weren't properly displayed. I rent the cars from...
  7. WestSydGuy

    Customer Directions - Sydney CBD roadworks

    Would you listen to your passenger? Oh well, another couple of nights work for this ant. Discuss.
  8. MarioAndretti

    Uber Pays Speeding Ticket

    Early Sunday morning I'm driving a few older women to church. They didn't want to miss a thing so they told me to "punch it". I'm in shady side going up Baum just breezing through like a hurricane. (Ladies loved it) saw lights behind me... pulled over cop says I was doing 67 in a 35... I said I...
  9. nuramedia

    Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport

    I haven't searched through the threads about this, but I need to let everyone know: On Friday, another driver and I were dropping riders off at the Phx Mesa Gateway Airport. A security lady stopped us both to inform us that Uber is absolutely not allowed to be anywhere on the Gateway Airport...
  10. BurgerTiime

    California tells Uber it’s sloppy about drunk drivers Considers $1.13 million fine California regulators want to slap a $1.13 million fine on Uber for failing to investigate and/or suspend drunk drivers, according to an order filed by the state Public Utilities Commission, which...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Uber has 45 days to pay PUC $3.5 million dollar settlement HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) today approved a $3.5 million settlement with Uber Technologies Inc. and its Pennsylvania subsidiaries (collectively, Uber), resolving Uber’s appeals from...
  12. Matias

    DPTI notification letter

    Hello guys, Apparently DTPI has been sending warning letters to Uber drivers in regards to Unaccredited Booking Services companies as Uber, In the letter I got this morning (see attachment) says: " ... you must not accept a booking from a booking service that is not accredited" Has anybody...
  13. 2CV750CC

    Bus stops - avoid them like the plague - will cost $$$

    so here is what happened got a ping on 4th in Santa Monica head over there, the couple I am picking up looks just like their lovely photo and they are ready for me right there at the bus stop, so I pull in, they jump in and we pull out short ride, sweet couple, and now a week later I receive a...
  14. Riders Champion

    Cop gave me a warning for trying to kill him...

    I learned today that only some offences carry double demerit points, so these would just incur usual points. For more information on fines, demerit points and offences see these two links:
  15. MonsoonScarlett

    ALL Clark County Biz License EXPIRED Nov 1st!

    Just a heads up, for all of us Vegas drivers. The Clark County business license ($25) expired yesterday. The county licenses are NOT one year from the day you get them, but based on the fiscal year. Even if you just signed up in October, those licenses are expired as of yesterday, November 1...
  16. AllenChicago

    Chicago Drivers: Snares, Traps, Dangers, Rip-offs...BEWARE!

    July 23, 2016 I'm starting this thread because it seems that the number of revenue generating tools, rules and schemes used by the city of Chicago, and some Chicago area businesses with ties to the city, are escalating exponentially this year. For instance, I just learned from a UBER driver...
  17. MrsUberJax

    Airport Mishaps - next time better take the warning... Excerpt: "When an officer from the St. Louis Airport Police Department made the same request, Dees says he handed over his license. The officer, in turn, gave Dees a...
  18. D

    tickets for uber drivers ? soo what does this mean now? i know this has been ongoing in some places but what should we do if they pull us over? will this kind of thing go away or get fixed? will uber pay the ticket ?
  19. Xris Xros

    Ticketed at Newark Airport

    So I never go to the newark airport for pickups because I was afraid I might get a ticket. But that all changes few weeks ago when I started getting email from Uber about a deal struck with the city of newark. Anyways I got a ticket for (operating limo without proper registration) yesterday at...
  20. MikesUber

    Wolf, Fitzgerald, Peduto ask PUC to Reconsider Multi-million Dollar Uber Fine (Pittsburgh)

    Follow Up to, Pennsylvania Hits Uber with Record $11.4 Million Fine Original Thread: Ride-sharing service fined $11.3 million for operating without required approval in 2014 New Article...