1. MoreTips

    The dirty truth about Ubers "turnaround" in the 1st quarter.

    This article shows the real reasons behind Ubers first quarter turnaround, how about the fact it cut driver payments 280 million dollars from the 4th quarter of last year! It's not everyday a article and it's comments call Uber out for what it is, a crook and a ponzi sceme...
  2. Maven

    Uber, Lifting Financial Veil, Says Sales Growth Outpaces Losses

    The ride-hailing giant opens up about its financials for the first time in an interview with Bloomberg. April 14, 2017, 1:30 PM EDT April 14, 2017, 3:03 PM EDT by Eric Newcomer Uber Technologies Inc. isn’t required to report its finances publicly, but the privately held company has decided to...
  3. chi1cabby

    Uber’s Losses Grow, But So Do Its Profit Projections

    By Amir Efrati Jan 11, 2016 Uber’s losses grew to nearly a billion dollars in the first half of last year, nearly 50% more than its full-year losses in...
  4. chi1cabby

    Leaked Lyft Financials Show the Struggles of Being No. 2 Behind Uber
  5. G

    Uber's Expanding Its Empire

    Interesting read about Uber's financial outlook and increasing valuation from NY Times:
  6. ZopaRob

    Renting a Car Costing Too Much?

    Hello everyone, thought I'd post on here and let you know about a better alternative to renting or hiring an Uber car. £1100 per month is roughly the going rate for renting a new Uber X car these days. Even if you can afford the insanely high rent, there are better options available. Renting...
  7. chi1cabby

    Leaked Documents Show Uber Cost Structure, Best-Performing Cities has obtained leaked documents that Uber is using to persuade investors to participate in its Uber China financing. The global ride-sharing company is close to...