1. E

    Looking to rent Toyota Prius for film

    Hi there! I hope everyone's well. New to the forum, this is my first post. My name is Ed – I'm a producer working on a short film at the moment. The film is due to be shot on the 11th and 12th February, in North London, from 3pm-midnight both nights. The film centres around an Uber driver's...
  2. D

    I have just started driving - is this legal?

    Hi guys I have been driving on Uber for about 1.5 months in Melbourne and realised I get some really funny and entertaining customers from time to time. I have spoken to police about filming in a vehicle and I have been told that it is legal as long as there is a sign letting customers...
  3. Maven

    Cops tell an Uber driver he can't film them

    Friday, March 10 2017, The Washington Post and many other media outlets One of the first things Jesse Bright did after being pulled over by police on a recent Sunday afternoon was turn on his phone and begin filming. Bright was driving for Uber to make some extra cash, but he works full-time...
  4. Edman

    Is Dash Cam Allowed for Uber Drivers in Atlanta?

    Im thinking about getting Dash Cam. Any Pro and Cons?
  5. S

    TV show seeking Uber Driver to film with - Tuesday 8th Sept

    Hello, We are Objective Productions (Derren Brown, Peep Show) and are filming for a new Channel 4 show called “60 Minutes Today” (working title). The show explores attitudes towards contemporary issues in an interesting and light hearted manner and we need a passionate Uber driver to film...