fighting back

  1. Zexu

    Pedestrian with dog threatened to beat me up!

    Hello, folks! I'm new here and I am a newer driver with 50-5 Star Trips. Last night, during a pool drop-off, a man walking a toy dog, challenged me to a fight. The back story is it happened around 11:45p on a Friday on a dropoff. He said, "I was an a-hole for not pulling up further into the...
  2. DeplorableDonald

    How to ensure Uber doesn't profit from Upfront Pricing

    Kudos to HPClays for this. His idea at first. Long story short we have all seen posts where people are getting bent over the log like Ned Beatty in Deliverance with Uber's Upfront Pricing scheme. Common to see Uber getting 40-60% take of the fare. If I can do a long way to increase my cut and...
  3. maxista

    How I Fight Back Against Uber's Rate Cuts, Using Uber's Own System

    First a little intro: I've been a full time Lyft/Uber driver for 9 months in Phoenix Arizona. In that time, I've completed over 3300 rides, over 300 cancellations, and averaged anywhere from $15-$25 an hour each week. I've also gone through two rate cuts on Uber, as well as an incentive cut on...