1. R


    Last nite px dragged doodoo in my vehicle. I was able to locate aforemntd poo and receve clening fee. Tonite I go to middle of nowhere for pax 2.50 ride with dog (who violated no licking rule) and no tip. You shouldnt be able to have a sevice dog AND a boyfriend. Any way does the 3 second rule...
  2. Santa

    FETCH - Parts Delivery App

    Hi So I've the app installed but haven't used it yet because the parts stores are only open during the day time. I am trying to milk Uber as much as I can till the regulations kick in. Is anybody else in here using the app, and if you've, do you like it? Are you getting any calls or do you...
  3. cleansafepolite

    seriously how much abuse can you take?

    read the article, the author does not mention the driver at all...just uber as a company...how you feel about abuse of any kind is irrelevant...you the driver, irrelevant. what next happy ending massages?.. Hey uber can you bring these 4 tires to the guy i just sold them to on craigslist? i did...