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  1. The Angels

    Are female PAXs more likely to be nagging "backseat drivers"?

    Had this Persian girl yell at me telling me I was going the wrong way, twice, when in fact I was trying to position the car to make a U-turn to go the right way. She made a false assumption. She was one of those nagging types who probably feels that me being male means I'm supposed to be nagged...
  2. uber.duper

    Sorry, boys. You'll have to sit this one out.

    I've been watching this startup for months. It will either fail miserably within a year or immediately take off and maybe even give uber a run for its money. Too soon to tell. SafeHer.com - ride sharing for ladies, by ladies. Set to launch in Boston this fall, followed by NYC, LA, Chicago, and...
  3. evannacooper

    28, single mom of 2 here to say, Ladies and Gentlemen, don't let the disrespect define you.

    So yeah, single mom. I work nights exclusively but slowly adding in hours in the afternoon now that my sister is able to watch the kids for me. I don't like to talk about my looks....but I was brought up to look my best no matter what it is I do. That being said I still dress modestly, I'm not...