1. I


    Male passengers tip more often than women
  2. I

    How do I know you are not a RAPIST?

    I was waiting in New Brunswick and got Lyft XL request from Hilton hotel. When I got there to pick up pax and first thing I saw there were 7 pax’s and I thought it wasn’t going to be a pleasant ride. So, I got there and a women (white Spanish inbreed) opened my car front pax side door and...
  3. spaghettibolognese1

    Bad experience's for female Uber drivers in Perth

    I'm looking to get in contact with some female Uber drivers who have had bad experience's with passengers in terms of harassment. I'm also curious about the all female ridesharing company Shebah and if female Uber drivers on here also work for them and can compare experiences. Please feel free...
  4. WestSydGuy

    Mama Mia : desperate to stop this immediately

    The simple thing I desperately need Uber drivers to stop doing. I'M BEGGING YOU. LELIANA JENKINS December 14, 2018 When I see the words ‘your driver is known for great conversation‘ pop up on my Uber app, just below their number plate, I have two reactions. The first, is to mutter ‘no...
  5. Emily Zeng

    Hi, my friend. If I want to be an UberPeople, how do you think it?

    I don't want a job that needs to stay indoors all the time. Then I think UberPeople is a good choice. At least I don't have to stay in the office every day, I can meet different friends every day and help them reach their destination. So I came here, and I want to get your suggestion. Btw I...
  6. Certain Judgment

    Women's History Month Sweepstakes

    This was included in this week's Lyft Community Digest: Are they going to do a Men's History Month sweepstakes next month to honor your favorite Lyft dude? If not, as a guy, I am going to feel pretty discriminated against since I will not have a chance to win $1,000. Maybe I should just...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver robbed and nearly killed in heart-wrenching video

    "Look dude I drive for Uber, I don't have anything" Assailant: "I'm going to shoot you!" http://abc11.com/tough-to-watch-uber-driver-robbed-nearly-killed-by-armed-men/3134622/ ATASCOCITA, Texas -- Heart-wrenching video shows the terrifying moments an Uber driver was robbed and nearly killed...
  8. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Are there any female UBER drivers in the GTA??

    Just curious about the demographic of the people doing uber. In my history of using UBER and talking to fellow uber drivers, I personally have only seen 1 female uber driver, and absolutely no female taxi drivers. Anyone care to share their observations too? Any reason for the trend that...
  9. E

    (Female) Driver Safety

    Not sure how many on here are female Uber drivers, I imagine there aren't too many on the roads due to the fact almost every 2nd passenger exclaims how I'm only their 1st or 2nd female Uber driver. I've been driving for 4 months, but only recently have started driving at night. I'm always alert...
  10. RideShareJUNKIE

    Other? Really?

    I was taking a survey for LYFT about the driving experience feedback and features vs UBERs. As I was finishing up it was asking the usual survey demographic questions (age, income, etc). The the Gender TAB came up and I saw this for the first time in my life as an option. (i've done lots of...
  11. thepanttherlady


    Any other SeeJanego drivers here? If so, how do you like it?
  12. Daisey77

    Where's All Of My Female Drivers?

    Thought it would be fun for us ladies to have a thread. I know I love it when I get an opportunity to talk to other femalev drivers (Men are welcome too. Just leave the testosterone at the door:D) Obviously there are certain issues that come up being a female driver. Things you don't...
  13. U

    Any female drivers?

    Any female drivers using this forum? I'm seeing more and more of us out here :) Passengers seem to love it especially young women! Have any other female drivers been asked to join another drive share program called DRIVE HER?
  14. SweetAmy

    Female drivers and paXXX

    I have had several pax make a pass at me and one even asked if I wanted to fool around in the parking lot of the strip club I just took him to. Also, friend of mine, who is a female driver, has actually gone on a date with one of her pax. We were sitting around drinking and laughing about it and...
  15. W

    Questions starting

    Hello I am all set up but have a few questions. 1) What happens once you accept a request from a passenger? Esp as a female I'm wondering if I do not get the Uber phone will they be given my personal cell phone number? Do most people use the Uber phone? Advantages and disadvantages? Any...