female drivers

  1. beivygood14

    Hello From LA-LA Land

    Hi everyone, I'm a new driver and very excited to learn from the seasoned pros on here. I'm also a female driver, so I'd love to get that perspective as well. Just trying to make a $1 out of .15 cents.
  2. Certain Judgment

    Women's History Month Sweepstakes

    This was included in this week's Lyft Community Digest: Are they going to do a Men's History Month sweepstakes next month to honor your favorite Lyft dude? If not, as a guy, I am going to feel pretty discriminated against since I will not have a chance to win $1,000. Maybe I should just...
  3. E

    (Female) Driver Safety

    Not sure how many on here are female Uber drivers, I imagine there aren't too many on the roads due to the fact almost every 2nd passenger exclaims how I'm only their 1st or 2nd female Uber driver. I've been driving for 4 months, but only recently have started driving at night. I'm always alert...
  4. Jack Malarkey

    Forum on insecure work on Thursday 31 August want to hear from Canberra women Uber drivers

    On Thursday 31 August from 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm, the Women's Centre for Heath Matters have a forum on women’s insecure work at the Theo Notaras Centre in its West Wing Room. The Theo Notaras Centre is at 180 London Circuit in the city centre and is next door to the Canberra Museum and Gallery...
  5. Mattburn_OWO

    Offering Discounts to Female Uber & Lyft Drivers

    One Way Out Defense is holding personal safety & awareness seminars in San Diego County. Offering discounts to female Uber & Lyft drivers to spread these kinds of tools to women that want them as much as possible. If you are interested for yourself or a loved one feel free to DM me. Thank...
  6. ValChristie

    Choice of female drivers?

    i started driving about 3 weeks ago and have had at least 20 passengers ask if they can request female drivers (yes they were women). Thoughts on this?
  7. Daisey77

    Where's All Of My Female Drivers?

    Thought it would be fun for us ladies to have a thread. I know I love it when I get an opportunity to talk to other femalev drivers (Men are welcome too. Just leave the testosterone at the door:D) Obviously there are certain issues that come up being a female driver. Things you don't...
  8. uber.duper

    Sorry, boys. You'll have to sit this one out.

    I've been watching this startup for months. It will either fail miserably within a year or immediately take off and maybe even give uber a run for its money. Too soon to tell. SafeHer.com - ride sharing for ladies, by ladies. Set to launch in Boston this fall, followed by NYC, LA, Chicago, and...
  9. uber.duper

    Personal Safety...(and I don't mean weapons)

    Hi all...so as a small and delicate little lady driver, safety is of course a concern that hovers in the back of my head. I'm 6 weeks into ride share driving, and about 160 rides in between Uber and Lyft. At this point I feel like I've dabbled enough to start figuring out what works for me...
  10. J

    Female drivers in DSM

    On the eve of Memorial day I picked up a rider in Beaverdale around 2 am-ish. It was bar closing time and I knew that whoever I was picking up would be drunk but I didn't care because the majority of my riders were. The trip started out bad right off the bat because I couldn't see him. So I...