1. Kurt Halfyard

    Hit Me With Your LYFT ISSUES

    I now have access to a form that can submit directly to the 'Ears of Lyft' - alas it is not public, and I have to actually fill in the issues one by one as we go forward. This is a full request for you all to post the Major (and Minor) issues you have with LYFT. Please be articulate. All items...
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT’s in-app Feedback Summary FAILS to Give The On Piece Of Info I Want As A Driver

    So Lyft recently pushed the promised feedback summary into the App instead of issuing a weekly snapshot via email. Ok, fine. Maybe this is motivating to some. But the one piece of information I do want to see is the comments/feedback left by Pax. Especially the negative stuff, so I can use...
  3. Mista T

    You're doing great!!

    About a month ago I had perfect 5.0 with Lyft. It couldn't last forever. One week it dropped into the middle 4.9s. The next week it dropped again. The other day it dropped yet again (I'm such a scumbag!). Lyft's message at the top of the email: You're doing great!!!
  4. pfox72

    EATS - My Ideas after my first week

    Just started delivering Uber Eats a week ago... ish. First trip was interesting because I didn't realise that there was a checkbox to mark the item as collected before being able to start the delivery process. On my third trip, it presented me with a tutorial, which might have been helpful on...
  5. F

    Customer Feedback Notes

    Has anyone got funny feedback notes from customers? If so, I would like to read what they post to you. I got one report today. I wish, I know which customer it was but I can only reason one that I took longer than normal because I was using DoorDash at the same time and the weather was bad. It...
  6. Willjohnsdrive


    I had a ride today where when I arrived, an adult walked their kid, maybe 12 or so, to the truck and told me to take them to the food court entrance at the mall where she was meeting another adult.. I took the ride, but then 1stared them so I wouldn't get them again. Is that reasonable? I am...
  7. Mista T

    Weekly feedback

    Technology company my butt I gave about 40 Lyft rides last week
  8. E

    Anyone have the home number for Dara Khosrowshahi

    I can't get an email or phone number for his office that takes 50% of my earnings! Why is he so special? I want all Uber drivers in Seattle to picket his house until he hears the demands for direct feedback from his ants!
  9. ObiJuanKenobi1X

    Uber Roundtable in Sac

    Has anyone here received an invite? If so, are you going?
  10. LeeOrlando

    My first 3 weeks - 4.96 stars, great notes, 300 trips. And just one bad feedback

    I'm semi-retired (including school bus driver and truck driver) and as an Uber rider I thought I'd give rider-sharing a try. I like it so far and I keep my low miles 2013 Passat immaculate. Bottled water, tissue box, and hand sanitizer in each door pocket. I provide iPhone, micro-jack and a...
  11. mrDEE630

    Last chance!

    in-person meeting is in the am, anything you guys want me to try to bring up? Already going to ask about rates, issues with false primetime, issues with pax intentionally requesting ride outside of prime zone, over saturation of drivers... what else should I be bringing up? I know there is more...
  12. czervik7

    We don’t need no stinkin’ badges

    I’d like to see Uber get rid of the badges under compliments. Too many times I see a rider think that by giving me a badge for “Excellent Service” or “Great Amenities” it replaces the need to tip. The badges were part of the old “Kalanick” regime’s way to avoid putting tipping in the Uber app...
  13. backcountryrez

    Reported for music...hahaha!

    This is why I'm so hesitant to drive those bar/intoxicated pax. Short rides, no tip, and they still have the nerve to complain about music on the radio... ...only last night I was listening to the football game. Note that out of 16 rides I gave last night ZERO asked to change the station...
  14. BurgerTiime

    Uber wants to hear how much you HATE them Uber creates advisory forum to get drivers' lowdown The ride-hailing company works to make things better with drivers by asking for their opinions and advice. by Dara Kerr December 12, 2017 1:38 PM...
  15. TooSadToWork

    Low Star Ratting Without Feedback

    so according to Uber's website, all riders are now required to give reasons for low stars, but just today I receive a ratting less than five without explanation.
  16. SurgeSurferSD

    You asked...

    Survey says....
  17. Jack Malarkey

    Uber's Henry seeks feedback from drivers

    Henry is Uber's General Manager for New South Wales and the ACT. On 31 July 2017, Henry sent an email to Canberra drivers. The email covers various topics. Henry acknowledges that demand in Canberra has dropped with the colder weather but predicts it will improve with the arrival of spring...
  18. AVLien

    Has anyone tried "Uzurv"?

    Apparently "Uzurv" allows pax to request & schedule drivers ahead of time. I have installed it, & made an account, but I haven't received any requests yet. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback to share on the platform.
  19. M

    Pax called me a thief...

    Recently I accepted a pax on 3.4x surge for a half mile ride to her dorm. I was happy for getting a surge rate but as soon as she opened the door I regretted. She opened up and didn't even greet me on my how are you doing, she rolled her eyes and told me that I should be ashamed and that I was a...
  20. tdoes

    New Uber Survey I Received today

    Any of you get and fill out the new survey sent from Uber today? I did! If enough of us respond then maybe it might make a difference. At least it won't hurt! (keep hope alive :))