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feedback appreciated

  1. AVLien

    Has anyone tried "Uzurv"?

    Apparently "Uzurv" allows pax to request & schedule drivers ahead of time. I have installed it, & made an account, but I haven't received any requests yet. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback to share on the platform.
  2. HPClays

    "New" reason Lyft sucks- Multiple Stops pre-booked

    So, last weekend, I picked up a Lyft ride, and the screen said something to the effect of "Stop 1" and as we departed the passengers started talking amongst themselves. The first "stop" was .7 miles to a 7-11. As they started egressing from the vehicle, I said, "Thank you, have nice evening."...
  3. L

    Driver Feedback/Experience Request

    Dear Sidecar Community: Good afternoon, I'm hoping to get some feedback about your experience with Sidecar--If you're interested in answering a few general questions, please let me know. I will follow up privately with the questions and greatly appreciate any feedback you could provide...