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  1. Willjohnsdrive

    Report Riders?

    What happens if a rider makes a mess or even vomits in my car? How do you get the cleaning fee from them? And what happens if they dispute it?
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    How To Handle A Lost Cell Phone

    This article is intended for discussion on the minutiae of a situation that is bound to happen (often) to any regular Uber/Lyft Driver. While it happened in Toronto, Canada, it's a pretty universal experience in any market, and it is elaborated in full to foster discussion. Last night I got a...
  3. Freshout75

    A little experiment

    I randomly canceled 2 uber requests in under a minute. Who do you think keeps the fee?
  4. Piloto

    Uber sometimes charge rider the airport fee

    Yesterday I picked a rider up from Logan Airport and Uber didn’t charge the passenger the airport fee, airport fee is 3.25 for every trip from the airport.
  5. WestSydGuy

    Taxify signup costs

    just wondering if we need another background check for taxify, can they use the Uber background check somehow? If not, how much is their background check costing us?
  6. S

    Uber Rider fee (Deducation)

    What is this fees ? Is any new Cut,? For $11 Total fare cut is 1.4 For 91.83 cut in 3.6 for 41.50 cut is 3.15 So its not same Amount or percentage all the time. Any idea? fields
  7. K

    uber service fee increased from 20% to 22%

    Just logged in to the app and was advised that service fee has been increased for me from 20% - 22% (I was one of the earlier adopters before the 25% fee). Did anyone else get this? Really annoys me how Uber ambush us and there is no notification by email prior and the only way to use the app...
  8. AllenChicago

    Cancel Fee Now Charged After 2 Minutes - Big Improvement!

    November 17, 2017 Got this e-mail from Lyft Today... (copy/paste) "2-Minute Cancellation Window Previously, passengers had up to five minutes to cancel a ride without being charged a fee. Now, you'll receive that fee if they cancel after two minutes." Should we assume that the cancellation...
  9. R

    Lyft takes 46% before their lyft fee

    It is unfair that they do not show you what the customer gets charged. Then the take a Lyft fee on top of the 46% that we do not know about. We need to know the truth on all rides!
  10. D

    What passenger paid is gone...

    On my app. Anyone else?
  11. D

    Help a brother out!! Uber food delivery questions

    I drive a dodge challenger 2 door and can't give rides and decided giving Eats a chance. In Los Angeles I was averaging about $15 to $20 an hour working on almost constant 1.4-1.8x boosts. I just moved down to San Diego (not near downtown) and I am lucky to get a 1.1x boost a couple times a week...
  12. Mark Collins

    UBER .v$. LYFT

    I have had several PAX ask what the $$ difference between UBER and LYFT. I tell them that as far as I know they are fairly comparable. Does anybody here know? Thanks for all of the great info. Mark
  13. U


    It will be fair, there is an uber fee, why there is no driver fee. Argo is the price for trip and vehicle
  14. B

    Other Uber Driver's Being Charged "App Maintenance Fee"?

    I recently decided to give the Uber support phone line a call in the Bay Area after reading several articles about how Uber was underpaying fares and over-charging riders. The first few rides I decided to look into all had issues, and Uber even changed 2 of them for me. However, after about 4-6...
  15. R

    Uber select fee

    Hello All, Uber select fee as far as I am aware is 30%, however, for past 10 days, it was 20% of the total fee. Today I noticed it back to 30%. Is there some sort of promotion or fee switch going on? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  16. nomogmos

    "You are eligible for Uber’s Fuel Card, enroll today!"

    "You are eligible for Uber’s Fuel Card, enroll today!" is what Uber's excited message says. What it means is Uber gets a percentage of the fees You pay for using "their" card and uber gets a percentage of the fees the gas station pays for accepting the card. It's a win-win for uber and the...
  17. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    Check this New Pax scam for no show rides.

    This happen twice today. The pax puts in the address on the next street. When you get there after 2 minutes or so they call and tell you to go around the corner to the other street.. Once you move from the first location you can no longer get a no show ride. then they call and say they will be...
  18. Mikedamirault

    Paid to wait incentive

    It seems to be a pretty hot topic right now about how long should we wait for a pax, and if we should be paid doing so, and with the epidemic of driver Cancelled rides vanishing, something needs to be done I replied to another thread about pax taking advantage of what was the paid 5 min wait...
  19. uberpartner290

    Background Check Fee?

    I just started with UberEats and I can't tell if drivers receive a charge for the background check. I know part of it is covered by the fare, but is there an additional charge to drivers that comes out of your first paycheck? If you decide it's not for you after a few trips, would they charge...
  20. I

    Anybody refer to other businesses for $?

    Have a local business that is offering a $100 referral fee for any sale they make that I refer the lead to them for. Does anyone else partner with local business for clients that ask?