fee increase

  1. Uber Doobie

    I asked CS - Why is the Fee increasing to 27%

    I thought I knew the answer but I asked the question anyway. The the response below Thank you for writing in. I see that you have concerns regarding your Uber Fee percentage.Let me clarify this. I have verified your account and see that you are already registered for ABN and GST. The increase...
  2. R

    Uber select fee

    Hello All, Uber select fee as far as I am aware is 30%, however, for past 10 days, it was 20% of the total fee. Today I noticed it back to 30%. Is there some sort of promotion or fee switch going on? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. afrojoe824

    New Service Fee update ... 25% fee for riders outside of LA

    Did anyone see and/or acknowledge the new service fee addendum? At the bottom, it says 25% fee charged to those riders activated outside of LA that are accepting rides in LA. So this is both a good and bad news. Good that we LA drivers are eliminating competition from outside markets such as the...