1. Maven

    Favorite Song

    Here's my current favorite song/video on Youtube. What's yours? (Limit: One per poster, please! And, no need to quote.) Yes, I know this is off-topic. That's part of what the Other sub-forum is for.
  2. Showa50

    3 favorite things..

    ... The app asked me for my 3 favorite things about Uber. I could only come up with one, sort of;
  3. C

    Favorite car wash in san Francisco?

    Which ones have the best or cheapest self-service vacuums? Are there any in the city that give discounts for regular customers?
  4. xhydraspherex

    Oh, my favorite pax of the night

    So here I was 2 cars away waiting, when I get a call: "Hello, uber driver, you parked on the wrong house, we're in the next driveway. And where gonna need a couple of minutes." Me: I'll wait for you here, "Just drive here, and wait, the house is this one, not where your at" Me: ok. So I...