1. SamuelB

    Fastrak Flex on the 110

    OMG....What a lifesaver. Just started using it. Is there any risk to setting on 3 if there are only two in the car? How do they enforce it?
  2. afrojoe824

    Fastrak lane cancelling uber ride?

    Any one in Los Angeles use the fastrak lanes and have their uber ride end early? I picked up a pax last night at Marriott DTLA for drop off at LAX Marriott. The 110 was congested so me having the fastrak transponder hopped on the express lane for the pax. At the end of the ride, I noticed my...
  3. SynergyDrive

    How many drivers bought a Fastrak or Metro Express transponder?

    Any advice or cautions from Uber experts out there about transponders or making toll payments? Good to have or not? How do most people pay for tolls on the 241,261,133 or Downtown LA or San Diego? Newbie Flame Suit ON!