1. divo183


    Too bad I have only been on Fasten't platform for one day, but that one day with 3 request within 2 hours and 1 trip completed, I was loving it. Too bad I didn't get a taste of you sooner. You'll be missed! PS: I LUV U LONG TIME!! (edit) Didn't realize there are 2 other threads on this...
  2. Ziggy

    Fasten Marketing (or lack thereof)

    I had 2 trips yesterday with a bunch of people from Boston - when I asked them why they didn't request a Fasten trip 5 of 6 people said that they didn't know what Fasten was. WTF?? Every day I see the city light up with "fake" Fasten boosts all over town (DT, Campus, Domain, Bee Cave). I used...
  3. Ziggy

    Uber NYE bust (Austin)

    highest surge I saw for Uber in Austin was 1.7; whereas I snagged several 6.7 Fastens instead. Hmmm let me see, grab a 1.7X Uber surge and then give Uber 28% ... or grab a 6.7X Fasten surge and then give Fasten 99¢. Needless to say, I took very few Fubers. But most of my Fasten trips were $50+...
  4. Prius13

    Should Chicago go the way of Austin TX?

    Off topic maybe, but when I traveled to Austin for work, I was surprised how many rideshare companies there were out there. Kind of frustrating and confusing what app to download and who to order from since there were five or more rideshare companies to choose from. The fare was pretty expensive...
  5. U

    Interesting - New company charging only $1 flat fee

    Now this would allow us to actually profit. Hope they catch on!
  6. MisterB

    FASTEN: In-app Tips Finally is here!

    I just got a text from FASTEN..... FASTEN: In-app Tips are now Live! Thank your rides for riding with Fasten and they will thank you with tips via the app! any comments!!!! I know many of you are been asking for it.....
  7. dailypay

    Which platforms do you want to see on DailyPay?

    We want to know what platforms you care about!! Which platforms should we launch next on DailyPay?
  8. Driverx19

    Fasten Rideshare Out Of Boston Looks Promising

    Fasten, A rideshare out of Boston looks promising, They're onboarding in Austin after Uber and lyfts departure, Only taking $1 a ride fee, And they do fingerprint checks. I know they're model probably wouldn't work here with Chicago's greedy politicians but will be interesting to see how it...
  9. Hafdogger

    Fasten ride times vs. Uber

    First time poster here and a fairly new Uber Driver (since March, appx 250 rides, part time gig, 2 to 3 shifts a week of 3 - 5 hours). Here's my question: I recently came on board with Fasten and had the app open and "Available" for the first time while Ubering the other morning. Ride comes...
  10. maui


    Anyone have feedback on Fasten. Probably less riders currently doing it, but looks like more driver friendly. One of the big selling points is driver has full reign on acceptance. You don't want to pick up riders in certain areas or don't like the rider, no problem, does not count against...