1. J

    pay issues

    I've been having issues with Uber paying me fairly. Ive only been working for a month, but almost daily I have to email uber support about a pay issue. Sometimes the fare comes up as lower than the minimum fare, sometimes the fares uber charges are even lower than the fare summary. Ive had a...
  2. R

    If I am self employed, Can I negotiate my fares?

    According to our Rasier Service Agreement (at the button of the Profiule page) topic 4.1 Fare Calculation and Your Payment, there is this paragraph which is really confusing to me: "...In addition, the parties acknowledge and agree that as between you and Company, the Fare is a recommended...
  3. T

    Earning Mismatch - phone ap vs. website

    Has anyone else noticed a mismatch between the gross earnings showing on the app vs. on the website? For example, the fare shown on my last ride last night is $22.95 on the website but $21.50 on the app. A friend of mine has the same issue.
  4. Stygge

    Pax felt ignored

    Yesterday I ended up in some NE burbs and decided to go towards home and possibly call it a day. I drive SW on 35W close to downtown when I get a ping. It's a mile away so I pick him up. The guy says "finally" as he enters the car and then "Can you check my rating? I think I must have been low...
  5. Brandon010

    In need of in depth assistance as a new driver in the QC.

    Ive been all over public forums looki g for tips and tricks to tweak my profit for the better, however im only able to take away a few things that have worked and everything else has been garbage up to this point. 1. Turning car off while waiting for pax and trip requests 2. Not driving around...
  6. C

    Do Not Pick Up a Brian in Gulfport

    For those of you drivers who end up in Gulfport, there is an @@@@@@@ by the name of "Brian" who hailed a ride from me from 6150 Gulfport Blvd S. It's an apartment complex. I'm pissed because I knew there was something fishy about his demeanor and the fact that he and his friends did...
  7. U

    Uber's decision to cut fares continues to upset drivers

    Watch the following short video. If you like it share with riders and other drivers. Thanks
  8. agus

    Question...about an uber ride I had.

    Anyone had anything like this happened to them? I don't understand... So basically, I picked up a rider and took them from a Disney hotel to cape canaveral... To my surprise after an hour ride and 56miles my trip pay out was $40. Then I picked them up an hour later and took them back (same...
  9. goldkick

    Wrong Uber Fare Calculation

    Hey all, I think Uber is calculating my fare incorrectly, each time i give a ride in East Bay/ SF. I recently gave a 31.5 mile and 47 min UberX ride starting from East Bay. Based on my calculation, my fare should be 31.5 * $1.05 + 47 * $0.15 + 2 = 42.13, whereas the fare shown to me is just...
  10. Nick S

    Does anyone plan on driving uber still/ Uber lawsuit

    After yesterday's fare cut do you plan on driving uber as much as you used to. Or do you plan on stopping all together? And there is a lawyer that is currently puting together a lawsuit against uber. She is a phenomenal lawyer and she is well known because she has sued uber before and won...
  11. Khush

    UberPool and minimum fares and low Miami rates

    1. Why am i getting UberPool requests with ONLY one party and NOT get a second party to join and so a single party ride I get paid much less which is 75 cents/ mile rate? 2. Minimum fare is $5 if the client travels 2 miles out of the $5 why do I get paid ONLY $2.60 and uber takes $2.40? with...
  12. becontent

    Uber XL not paying minimum fare

    I have noticed that when I get short Uber XL trips, it is not charging the customer the minimum of $7.70 but rather somewhat less than that, closer to $6.00 minimum. It seems to be confusing an XL ride with an X ride. It has happened several times to me on XL rides with multiple passengers and I...
  13. cleansafepolite

    man up...or woman up

    I have been driving uber for little more than a month...ive cleaned vomit out of my car and carried the vomitte out of my car and to her front door while her frail coffee barista looking boyfriend told me about this great air freshener that can even block the smell of weed and anything even...
  14. Drive FARE

    FARE- Launching Soon in Phoenix. Drivers, we are listening!

    FARE is the only "fair" ride option. We are dedicated to offering a fair service for both drivers and riders. With higher payouts-drivers keep up to 90% of fares, the ability to tip, advance scheduling-up to 7 days out, the ability to earn passive income- On top of normal fares, Drivers earn 10%...
  15. A

    "Safe rider fee"

    Uber just jacked the rider fee from $1 in the Indy area to $2.1o but didn't touch anything else. Anyone else agree that they could have just increased the base fare and/or $/min? The result is the same and the people who make the money (us drivers) are better taken care of. I was already a...
  16. Showa50

    Uber can't make money...

    ... Which is very evident with their SRF increase. They need money just like any business, however they can't get more money from fares because drivers continue to give cheap rides. And pax aren't willing to pay more. So they increase the secondary source of income. Also Kalanick saying Uber is...
  17. Showa50

    Prices go down Uber advertises, when prices go up...

    ... You have to do the work and find out how much. No real surprise here just slimy Uber being slimy. But the way they do it is important and drivers should be aware.
  18. M

    Need ride to airport TOMORROW (Sat) at 5:50am

    I doubt there will be many drivers out then. I'll be leaving from Squirrel Hill. If someone wants a guaranteed airport ride, let me know!
  19. S

    Anyone notice fare discrepancy?

    I've only been driving with Uber about a month so maybe I'm just missing something obvious but why is there a difference between the post-ride fare amount and the fare amount in the earnings list? For example I just dropped off a rider and after I completed the trip the post ride box came up...
  20. D

    What is the fare to/from CHS to

    What is the Uber fare to/from CHS to/from 1. The downtown hotels (like Market Pavilion) ; 2. Isle of Palms hotels (like the Boardwalk) Thanks. Hope all of you are making money and being treated fairly !