1. M

    Base fares in Santa Barbara

    I haven't driven in a while. When did the base fares go down???
  2. D

    UberEats total Driver Earnings/Driver fare is WRONG- please check my math

    Hello, So I have been driving for UberEats for a few weeks (I have a 2-door car can't try the other options) and a couple of nights ago i noticed that my earnings for a delivery I did night is around $5 less than it should be. This was an order where I picked up 2 different people's orders...
  3. B

    No base fare for 2nd Pool Paxs. Check your fares!!

    So i just called Uber wondering why i didn't get a base fare for both pax. they said that unless the 2nd pax pickup has 2 people.... so 1 person already in the car, get a ping and it's 1 other person by themselves you don't get the extra fare. so basically you are LOSING MONEY by driving pool...
  4. @

    Uber is not for every city,I guess.

    Here is a break down of a typical ride for me: Base fee: $0.75 Distance:(2.11 mi*$0.9075/mi) $1.91 Time:(6.30 min*$0.1125/min) $0.70 Min Fare Supplement $0.16 My earnings: $3.52 Fare details: Rider Pays: $6.80 Uber Receives: Service...
  5. T

    Uber should be sued again.....

    I don't understand where they get off thinking they can change stuff around anytime they feel like it. Last I checked they take out 25% that's it. I never signed anything stating I accept anything different. So could someone explain this image please
  6. M

    We need new wages

    Anyone else think we should go in front of uber office and protest for higher fares because come on we are making literally $0.10 mile
  7. T


    I have been reading about the new driver agreement that Uber rolled out the other day and how drivers are interpreting it. My curiosity is if anyone has considered forming a collective bargaining group. It would definitley give the drivers some say in how tbings are done when it comes to the...
  8. Spock B

    New Fare Details From Uber. What are they?

    Since the new fare details came out on May 22 I have noticed some interesting things. I looked at minimum fares and noticed riders were being charged various amounts for nearly identical trips. Additionally Uber is stating the mileage and time rates and then making the payment up as a "minimum...
  9. DallasGaDriver

    Please, sir, I want some more...

    Yes, I feel like Oliver. I am angry this evening. I received an UberX ping and the trip turned out to be 15.87 miles and about 28 minutes. I was a little surprised when I saw my pay was only $12.19 for the run. Looked at the figures and my jaw dropped. My mileage rate was .5625 and my minute...
  10. SoCalGabbieCash

    Band together. Log off of Uber and Log into Lyft

    Uber is no longer the cheaper option. Educate your pax to the fact that Uber is implementing " service" and "booking " fees into the rider fare. In short, Uber is over charging pax, and underpaying drivers. Make the pax use Lyft by logging off of Uber. If there are no Uber drivers available then...
  11. Nootherchoice

    New Driver agreement clauses - we don't get to negotiate

    Hi all, the link to the article describes the "new" pricing model in 14 cities in the US of A, decoupling the amount charged to the rider from the amount received by the driver. Of course in Ubers favour, did I even have to type that? Don't for one moment think "it won't happen here!" because of...
  12. D

    Fraud Adjustment in Transaction Statement for large Fare

    Hi, new to Uber driving and this Forum. Picked up 4 ladies last weekend after an event with high surge and long tip. Uber first showed the $200+ on the app as the fare for the "Latest Trip". Than it was changed to $0 and now shows "Fraud Adjustment" on my weekly statement. From my point of...
  13. J

    I say we fight for a minimum of $10

    I say we fight for a minimum of $10 fare.. thats still better than the cab companies, and would keep us from running to a fare 10 minutes away who just wants to go around the block for $3-4. Should be a minimum of $10.. I don't think thats too much to ask!
  14. S

    Fare Split - Multiple Pick-up Locations

    Hello! I apologize in advance if this question has been answered already, or if this thread is posted in the wrong place. I am pretty new to using Uber and I have never split a ride. In a few weeks, some friends and I are planning on sharing an Uber ride to Pearson Airport. Does fare splitting...
  15. Mvlab

    Fare drop

    It looks like they lowered fare today from $1.24 for mile to 1.17 and from 20 cents per min to 15
  16. G

    Fraud Adjustment from Pricks

    I had a trip this morning around 3 or so, picked up 4 ppl from terminal tower and took them all to Avon Lake, 6X surge which they complained about the entire time and threatened to complain to Uber and deactivate their accounts. I apologized, but explained how the surge works. After the first...
  17. AceManShow

    Fare increased?

  18. B

    I have a real problem with this....

    Ok, so this is really starting to irritate me to no end...so many times I get a ride for a pick up, sometimes it's about 5-7 miles away and like 8-11 minute drive. I always text the PAX that I'm on my way, so they don't cancel on me while I'm headed out there...I pick them up and BOOM....a trip...
  19. Edman

    Beware of Trip fare adjustment by Passengers!!

    Recently I’ve received this email from Uber saying: we’re reaching out to let you know that the fare for one of your trips has been adjusted. Trip date: XXXXXX Original fare: $19.82 New fare: $6.82 Reason: Mistimed Trip Start/End. This fare was adjusted following a report that the trip...
  20. X

    Why Uber not paying Minimum Fare they charge rider?

    Did anybody have same situations, when short run pay by Uber less than $5.00 in Portland,OR. Base Fare: $1.25 Per Minute: $0.20 Per Mile: $1.15 Cancellation Fee: $5 Service Fees: $1.35 Minimum Fare: $6.35 My understanding Minimum Fare: $6.35 - Service Fees: $1.35 = $5 , never less ?