1. Kurt Halfyard

    Return to Larger LYFT fares

    pretty solid bit of suburban driving over the last couple days. Most LYFT fare back in the double digits.
  2. mpren

    Gas Prices

    Are we getting any more money now that gas prices are going up? In other words, are our ride fairs reflective of the current gas price increases?? 30 more per gallon than two months ago?
  3. M

    How can uber charge $13.01 and pay me $4.30

    I don't understand how Uber can make $8.95 off of a $13 ride and they pay me $4.30
  4. M

    How can uber charge $13.01 and pay me $4.30

    I don't understand how Uber can make $8.95 off of a $13 ride and they pay me $4.30 so this is the email I just received there's not a set percentage Uber can take its not 25% they can take as you see 60% 70% on a ride
  5. M

    How can I overcharge $13.01 and pay me $4.30

    I don't understand how Uber can make $8.95 off of a $13 ride and they pay me $4.30
  6. L

    Uber Steal Money

    For a trip, pax showed me her app which shows the fare is $10.13 ( or $11.03). Later I checked my fare detail it shows Uber charged pax only $8 and I got $5.39. Totally not honest!
  7. BurgerTiime

    A $1,600 Uber ride? Drunk man blacks out, takes trip from W.Va. to N.J.

    http//www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2018/02/1600_dollar_uber_ride_story.html After a night of partying with buddies inMorgantown, W.V. last Friday , Kenny Bachman thought he had called an Uber to take him back to where he was staying near West Virginia University's campus. Kenny Bachman...
  8. Doug Orchard

    Fare Thief

    A person at this address: 25614 98th Pl Kent WA an apartment, has defrauded me with help of Uber to wit: I picked up the fare and started the trip there was a destination address entered. When I got near the address the guy says pull over hear around the corner I will walk from here. Please wait...
  9. R

    Beware: Uber shorting earnings claiming faulty GPS

    For the SIXTH X in 2 Days, I had to submit request for fare adj. LAX — > Irvine, CA ( 56 miles) Earnings = $2.88 Come again?! Submitted fare adj request & they blamed it on malfunctioning GSP. Mistakes happen... But 3,4,5 and now SIX TIMES? Today’s Tom-foolery: LAX to West Hollywood... in...
  10. E

    Percentage stats

    I just tallied up my 5 rides over the past couple days, and realized that 56% went to Uber. Sheesh... #goodol'corporateamerica
  11. SirSyl

    Cancel or complete ?

    Serious question. If it turns out that the passenger is extremely rude/threatening/scary, whats the proper way to end the ride(kick out): cancel or complete? What if the trip is like 20 miles and and the problem starts after driving 10 miles? If i cancel i dont get anything right? And if i...
  12. R

    Uber earns extra money

    Hey Guys, Did anyone notice Uber charges customer different total then what it shows on the Fare details for what that rider pays in total. I have found this discrepancy and seems hidden charges goes directly to Uber , this is on top of 30% cut they have for the trip How many people asked...
  13. JFrancis

    How is fare calculated

    After 7 months I have realized I may not understand something fundamental... how fare is derived. I understand its cents per mile times miles, plus cents per minute times minutes (plus base charge or whatever). Is it what the system thinks those elements will be and that is what pax pays no...
  14. MyOwnUber

    Tempted to stop driving now that gas prices have gone up in CA

    Hello fellow Californians: I'm hoping that more of us will actually decrease if not totally stop doing Uber. I've certainly cut back my driving and being more particular how far I'll go to retrieve someone. I'm forced to drive smarter and find myuniche. The surge rates have dropped, the gas...
  15. MHR

    Do I Tell Uber or Have Fare Adjusted

    Gonna be a long one so smoke em if ya got em.:cool: On way to pax and Google maps crapped out on me and had to get there using Uber nav. No biggie, worked okay. Pax got in and we head out, still using Uber nav. because I can't figure out how to get Google maps to come back. OMG, WTF and Holy...
  16. bradleyf81

    When you're feeling sad about earnings

    Remember that it could be worse:
  17. Sfla415guy

    Uber Increased Fares & Drivers Got a Pay Cut/Mystery "Uber Fee" Explained

    Every driver needs to go back and scrutinize all of their trips since upfront pricing has gone into effect aswell as trips since the transition of showing our per/mile per/minute rate pre & post 20% or 25% Commission vs. now just showing our rate after the 20% or 25% has been taken. Many...
  18. D

    Harvey will cause gas prices to soar. Uber needs to raise fares NOW.

    Link to Vox article: Hurricane Harvey is a humanitarian disaster. It will also send gas prices soaring.
  19. D

    Help a brother out!! Uber food delivery questions

    I drive a dodge challenger 2 door and can't give rides and decided giving Eats a chance. In Los Angeles I was averaging about $15 to $20 an hour working on almost constant 1.4-1.8x boosts. I just moved down to San Diego (not near downtown) and I am lucky to get a 1.1x boost a couple times a week...
  20. A

    How can i tell if my fare is Surge while driving?

    from time to time, i am in a surge zone (without meaning to be there), go online get a request 3-4 miles away, takes me out of surge area or i could actually be in surge area as I didn't study the map 100% prior to getting the request. can i only tell if its a surge fare AFTER the drop off?