fare review

  1. PioneerXi

    Fare Reviews

    Per the Uber email which says they will only take 25% service fee charge.... Bullshit. Started checking my fares from yesterday, the best receipt of fare I have is 66%. I have to do fare reviews on all rides after the time of email to get my share back. Booking fee in San Diego is $3.15...
  2. rembrandt

    Fight fare reviews by greedy pax

    A lot of greedy pax have been requesting fare reviews after each and every trip by default even though there was nothing wrong. Uber CS is giving them thumbs up and drivers are loosing money : Poor Route. This fare was adjusted following a report that the route taken was not optimal. We've...
  3. N

    Taxify - fair review

    had a long trip this morning from city to central cost. Unfortunately haven't received the app payment and status got updated to review. Any clue if this is related to riders card declined?
  4. Alkimist

    Cancellation fee not applied?

    Okay, so a pax requested a ride, and they cancelled after im nearby. I drove from 3467 campus irvine dr going to w coastal peak newport beach which is like 10 mins of driving now the s2pid service rep said that this trip is not eligible for cancellation fee. What do you guys think? Her'es some...
  5. T

    How do I know if my Lyft fare is under review?

    please someone tell me if this looks like my fare is under review because I did a ride that Was 130 miles yesterday in a prime time and I haven't gotten paid for it and it is showing "$0 in progress" on my driving history. I emailed Lyft and they don't answer. And if it is under review how long...
  6. Exit67

    Minors with Uber Accounts

    On Monday I got a ping into Lakewood, about 7 minutes away. I was going past there anyhow so I accepted. At the pickup, I found 2 pimply faced examples of the flower of Lakewood youth. I asked them and both were under 18. I declined the ride. I must be the only driver that does decline rides...
  7. Zap

    Dirty Pax Trick

    A pax did a dirty trick on me last Friday. When in route to the destination, the pax said she forgot her phone at the origin and requested to go back to retrieve her phone. Naively, I agreed to return. The payout on this trip is $0.00 I contested the fare review and we'll see how Uber...
  8. Skweeop

    Are We Paying Taxes On Tolls That Are Reimbursed Via "Promotions"

    When the driver app doesn't recognize the tollways you've passed through, you have to submit a Fare Review, usually accompanied by a screenshot of your toll statement. Once approved, they display your reimbursement amount in the "Promotions" box of the app. Does this mean I'm now having to pay...
  9. steveK2016

    Always Have PAX Change Address in App: No Exceptions

    So many in another thread said "Don't worry about it, just take them to multiple locations without a change in app!" The pax wanted me to take his girlfriend to work after I dropped him off at the bottom location. So this came in after hours of processing Unfortunately for them and for Uber...