fare increase

  1. AllenChicago

    What Percentage Can Uber & Lyft Raise Chicago Rates w/o Hurting Business?

    June 3, 2019 Summertime is coming and gas prices are increasing, like they always do. To add insult to injury, the Illinois gas tax is increasing from 19 cents per gallon, to 38 cents per gallon, on July 1st. We'll be looking at Chicago area gas prices close to $4.00 @ gallon at the pump...
  2. SecretSquirrel

    Black Cabs Tariffs going up!!!!

    They are saying::eek: The nighttime fare on rate three will be unchanged yet the stigma of the 40p will see us crucified in the media, with headlines in the Standard announcing "Greedy Cabbies Put Up Taxi Fares". Found this on their leaking site...
  3. Certain Judgment

    Fare Increase

    Another poster commented on this in the Indianapolis market. Here is a screenshot of my UberEats fare increase in Milwaukee: I have had a UberEats in the off position for weeks now on my toggle switch. My main reason for turning it off completely was the fact that about 3 months ago, I started...
  4. Maven

    Dealing With Rising Gas Prices

    Gas prices have skyrocketed in the last few weeks. I expect them to go higher still, partially due to the mess in Houston. While gas prices are still much lower than their peak (over $4 per gallon), this is effectively a pay cut for Uber/Lyft/Delivery independent-contractors (drivers), who must...
  5. HumungousDill

    Uber to quadruple fares

    LOL, I doubt it somehow because that would give the drivers a life. Nevertheless this is what some business analysts are saying must happen if Uber are to eventually turn a profit after their predatory marketing phase to squeeze the taxis and get a monopoly. A passenger told me about this...
  6. Edman

    Uber needs to Increase Fares due to Gas Price Hike

    Uber needs to adjust Fares according to Gas Price hike. All my pickups were 15 min to 17 min away. I am not driving 15min for free to pick them up. Uber needs to add Pick Up distance to the equation.
  7. John Highway

    Uber denies it increases fares when your battery is dying

    Check this out... https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2016/05/23/uber-denies-it-increases-fares-when-your-battery-is-dying/
  8. David Miner

    Uber has to change pay structure for smaller cites

    Uber needs to change how they pay drivers in Kalamazoo, MI (which relates directly to other small cities, also). Fares can go up since they are 50% less than a taxi and Uber can share it's wealth with it's partners. (Are we, the drivers, really treated like partners at Uber? My partners never...
  9. FAC

    Uber increasing fares in Denver

    Just got an email today informing me Uber is increasing the minimum fare by a buck.