fare cuts

  1. metal_orion

    Long trip dissapointment

    I should have known better and not have wasted my time on an out of state trip. Basically there is not compensation for doing this and drivers pretty much get paid less than the actual mileage of the trip. Never again! I would have scored better by just driving in the city.
  2. lizf

    Crooked Uber

    Which one do you hate the most!?!?!?!?
  3. lizf

    Crooked Uber *UPDATED*

    Some of my inputs got cut off! *NEW POLL* Submit your response to see the results....
  4. lizf

    Crooked Uber

    Which of the following Uber program is their worst lie? Let's hear it people!!!
  5. eyewall

    I hearby declare Burlington, VT to be a dead market

    I hearby declare Burlington, VT to be a dead market. There is no real hope for a surge after 3pm, and during peak times in the evenings now there are so many drivers you are lucky to score a string of two 3 or 4 dollar rides within an hour. In the mornings the surge is there only when drivers...
  6. Michael - Cleveland

    Uber Raises Fares in Pittsburgh... April 1, 2016

  7. eyewall

    Our second fare cut in less than 6 months (Burlington, VT)

    When I started in August 2015 it was $1.60 a mile and 30 cents a minute. It was cut to $1.60 and 25 cents a minute in latter September. It is now late March and as of today we are cut to $1.18 per mile and 20 cents a minute. They put in those temporary guarantees once again but they always find...
  8. eyewall

    Our 2nd @@@@ing fare cut!

    @@@@! Damn it to hell! We just got cut from $1.60 per mile to $1.18. It was $2 when I started in August. Of course they are putting in the phony guarantees that won't last long. This is absolute shit.
  9. Cam11b

    New Uber ad on Twitter -"As winter sets in, so do the savings. Enjoy *DISCOUNTED SEASONAL FARES*..."

    "Thanks drivers! Way to take one for the team! 10%-off coupons on hemorrhoid-cream....for everyone!!! -Love, Uber"
  10. us395

    SDSU no drivers

    Friday morning 830 and the nearest Uber driver is in Spring Valley. Good work!
  11. Driver Zero

    Uber Drivers in New York City Protest Fare Cuts

  12. Michael - Cleveland

    Facing a Price War, Uber Bets on Volume [Bloomberg] 1/21/16

    Facing a Price War, Uber Bets on Volume http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-21/facing-a-price-war-uber-bets-on-volume The U.S. operation cuts fares while promising imminent profit. January 21, 2016 — 4:14 PM EST It’s becoming a bit of a holiday tradition for Uber: ringing in the new...
  13. Roberto92101

    Fare reduction is nuts

    Passengers don't even know about it and the ones I've talked to about it think rates were too low! Downtown passengers love Uber (and Lyft for that matter). Since Lyft seems to be more driver friendly, might just drive for them, less wear and tear on car for more money makes sense to me. Seems...
  14. eyewall

    Fare cuts and now no guarantees

    So now that they have cut the fares in Burlington and have also removed guarantees are you guys actually making more money or less? I have been consistently making less since the cut even with guarantees in place.
  15. BC1045

    UBER Home Town SF Documentary *****

    Just ran across this 2014 Driving for Hire documentary on YouTube. Made in San Francisco, home of Uber. Very informative and enlightening for Uber, Lyft, and other TNC/VFH drivers everywhere. 1 hour 25 minutes, well worth your time. Happy Trails...