far pings

  1. Chapar Kanati

    Can't rate Lyft passengers anymore plus far away pings.

    Hi there. I have noticed that recently Lyft does not display the option for me to rate pax. What's up with that? Also why the hell in a metropolitan area like NYC I get a ping from midtown west while I am on Clinton St in Brooklyn heights. On Lyft during busy times and especially on the...
  2. mags2K

    Far Out Requests

    Does Uber have any rules as to how far out requests it will Ping to you? What happens if you happen to be the nearest driver for 20 miles? Would they still ping you? This has not happened to me until the night of 4th of July. It was 1AM. I got a ping for a pick-up 12.5 miles away. I go pick up...
  3. pizza guy

    What's you experience with timeouts?

    I wanted to know what everyone's experience is with Uber's timeouts for not accepting pings. A recent thread linked to an article that finally confirmed they exist as we all suspected. Personally at a $32 guarantee I accept 100% blindly. My incentive was different this week so I'm being more...
  4. SMH Uber

    Calling it a night. ORD request from 25 minutes away are relentless

    I've gotten 4 requests from ORD. I'm 25 minutes away. WTF? That is at least 18 miles. GTTFOH uber. I didn't accept the 1st 3 request, but decided to start accepting them the letting rider know how far away and have them to cancel. Why did uber knock me offline when the rider cancels? WTF...