false surges

  1. Dallas007

    'Shiny Object' Surge @ DAL

    Seems to be a new trick to pull drivers into Love Field; at least I've not seen in last 6 months: Surge the DAL property / terminal at 2.0; but raise the surge in the 1 mile radius (excluding the terminal) to 4.5+ e.g. the shiny object At first glance it looks like big surge going on; while in...
  2. 2hot2handle

    Is There Fake Surges Lately Or What?

    Hi guys, I have been studying both of my apps and I have noticed for about a week now that there are surges where there should not be. For example just today I saw a surge by the airport of 1.8x then I looked at the riders app and there were 5 uber x's just waiting and 2 black cars and 2 uber...