false accusations

  1. U

    Washington Post Does Fake News Hit Job On Lyft

    It was painful to read this hit job on Lyft. They pull 12 examples of unwanted advances (3 of which came from this beauty shown below) to characterize Lyft Drivers as predators basically all while the mother-ship sheds a blind eye. To further illustrate the bimbos point, it is said that with...
  2. Halfmybrain

    NBC 5: Free rides, at OUR expense

  3. Jake B

    Account on hold investigation a complaint... 8th day on hold

    Hi everyone, SO INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATED. My account has been on hold for over a week and I can't get an answer from Uber Support to save my life. An incident occurred where the lady was drunk and starting to get sick. I pulled over into a parking lot of an adult video store (closest place to...
  4. Chapindc

    Officially booted from fuber

    It wasn't the longhauls, cancellations or stupidstar ratings I had 3 complaints against me for driving impaired throughout my 1 1/2 yrs horrible endeavour All those 3 riders that complained & got a free ride every time btw, the previous rider(s) either were drunk to the point that the car I...
  5. 4for4ber

    Uber Support / Videos to clear false accusations

    I’m new to this forum so go easy. Has anyone tried sending videos to Uber to clear false accusations? Sorry in advance for being long winded. I have to be detailed explaining everything so you could understand what I did and why and what I may want to do moving forward. Last weekend around 7pm...
  6. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Lyft founders, Logan Green & John Zimmer, both married, caught with hookers & coke!

    Lyft founders, Logan Green & John Zimmer, both married, were recently caught cheating on their wives after a random stranger wrote about the incident on an online message board. Both founders were suspended from work WITHOUT PAY while an "investigation" took place. After several days...