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false accusation by rider

  1. doyousensehumor

    Mill Ave is open--get that money, bruhs

    Yeah, I know you guys will be psyched up to hear this. MILL Ave is open! Now new and improved; with railroad tracks running up the northbound lane. With ASU coming back right now, you too can make all that life-changing money! Rides going to and from MILL, and most pax just became unsupervised...
  2. Halfmybrain

    NBC 5: Free rides, at OUR expense

  3. Uguy22

    How creepy some riders can be

    2 weeks ago on a Saturday night around 11:30 pm I picked up a rider at a bar on Lincoln in L.P. The guy is in his 30 ‘s and asked to sit in the front seat. I did not like it but said OK. The guy is pretty chatty and a topic came up on historical events on WWII. Then I got a bing to pick up a...
  4. gambler1621

    How to protect yourself from false accusations.

    So, I had a rider today who claimed to be a Safety & Security Investigator with Uber. The ride took place a very long distance from San Francisco. He was visiting from SF. Based on our conversation unrelated to his position, I believe him. When I told him how I protect myself from false...
  5. 4for4ber

    Uber Support / Videos to clear false accusations

    I’m new to this forum so go easy. Has anyone tried sending videos to Uber to clear false accusations? Sorry in advance for being long winded. I have to be detailed explaining everything so you could understand what I did and why and what I may want to do moving forward. Last weekend around 7pm...
  6. B

    False accusations of impaired driving

    Let me start by saying that I don’t drink, I do not do drugs and I am not medicated in an way. I know this is not a new post to this forum, it can someone please help me understand the false accusations of “impaired” driving? This is my only source of income at the moment and it is effecting me...
  7. Jack Malarkey

    Goldfields woman fined $4,000 after falsely accusing taxi driver of sexual assault

    http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-27/woman-fined-after-falsely-accusing-taxi-driver-of-sexual-assault/9197732?pfmredir=sm First paragraph: A magistrate has scolded a 45-year-old Boulder woman for wasting police resources after she made up a sexual abuse allegation against an innocent Perth...
  8. J

    Uber Drivers that drive at night are accused of impaired driving

    Hi Guys I want to share something just happened, I was driving for Uber in the US and they put me offline, then tried to go back on but i couldn’t. Then I saw Uber support message telling me a pax felt uncomfortable with her trip because of my driving style, maneuvers, lack of focus, Needed to...
  9. SuzerainCo

    Uber Account Suspended-no reason given. Advised a Uber representative will be in touch since 48 hour

    Hi guys, any chance you can help? Been on the platform for just over a year now. Done over 3,000 trips with rating at 4.84 at the last check. Had my first suspension after a first time rider made a naively, perhaps false allegation of fear for own safety. Thank goodness I followed my 6th sense...
  10. U

    Be Careful of false allegations

    As a Caucasian Uber driver with minority friends, I have noticed that Uber is more likely to take the side of the rider, regardless of how ridiculous the allegations are, or whether it's the first time an allegation is made, if the rider is a visible minority. It's unfortunate that Uber doesn't...
  11. Irie612

    Lyft: False Driver Allegations/Reports by a passenger

    Hello, So I just recently started driving for Lyft as it just came to our city last week. I have only completed 6 rides and have about 1.5 hours of driving time under my belt. Today, I received an email from the Lyft Critical Response Line. Somebody accused me of having an "unapproved" or...
  12. mbrezjr

    Confused, Upset, and angry

    Hi- I received a notice form Uber stating my driver account has now been suspended because a rider notified them I was driving while intoxicated. I know this is false because I don't drink at all. I tried to reach someone at Uber through messaging but all I received was a message stating the...
  13. T

    Got my first negative feedback

    After 250+ trips, I got my first below 4 rating and negative feedback on navigation and safety. This dips my rating by 0.04 to 4.88. This really pissed me off. I only made 14 Uber trips in past 3 days. In none of these trips I missed a single turn following the GPS and made any traffic...
  14. Cowboyup

    Report: your car is hideous

    So my car is a brand new 2016 model. Had nothing but great compliments!! But until this week. Midtown asshol3$!!!!!! I guess they didn't want to get charged (free ride).
  15. SurfCityDriver

    Urgent: Need advice after false rider complaint, please

    In Orange County, CA, I gave a ride to a drunk passenger on Halloween night during surge pricing. To make a long story short, he called me two days later (today) in a threatening tone, not allowing me to talk, and accused me of taking him on a "joy ride" to the wrong destination and saying that...