1. Drive2bFree

    Another rideshare scam to watch out for

    Soho. 2 passengers get in back. Drop off address is same as pickup address. Passengers' friend ordered the car. They don't know exactly where they're going but it's not far. Driver calls customer using app, bad connection, can't understand. Pax 1 asks to borrow driver phone to call and...
  2. Lissetti

    What a Sneaky Ant

    Yesterday I picked up a Pax from the airport. To my delight he was not only in the right pick up spot but when he came over he checked my front plate. When he got in he told me this story of a suspicious Uber driver. He said he travels often for business so he knows the procedures at the...
  3. Lissetti

    Christmas 'grinch' posing as Uber driver takes couple's dogs

    A grinch posing as an Uber driver tried to steal a couple's Christmas when he took off with their luggage including two dogs. But someone with a heart helped bring the holiday back. The King County couple was headed to California for the Christmas holiday, but they wouldn't go without their...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Undercover investigation: New Scam Puts Unchecked Rideshare Drivers Behind the Wheel

    https://www.nbcbayarea.com/investigations/New-Scam-Puts-Unchecked-Rideshare-Drivers-Behind-the-Wheel--493520901.html When your Lyft or Uber arrives, you probably double check that the driver's name and car matches the information listed on your app. But the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit...
  5. Yosoykevo

    Fake surge Osceola Parkway/Animal Kingdom/ 429 & 192

    So I was literally on 192 in West Kissimmee right at the intersection of 192 and black lake road. The whole area was at a 2.0x surge. I got a ping to pick up at the Animal Kingdom Cast rehearsal building (girl was auditioning for Disney Tokyo). Did I receive the surge pricing after I ended the...
  6. BurgerTiime

    Uber prankster apologises for costly dead body hoax

    https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/08/01/16/35/uber-driver-prank-body-man-assisting-police-warning One of the pranksters behind an Uber murder hoax that sparked a $30,000 police investigation in Brisbane earlier this week has apologised for his actions, saying he "didn't plan for it to...
  7. BurgerTiime

    Fake Uber's everywhere! Imposters galore!

    https://www.today.com/money/fake-uber-drivers-are-out-there-here-s-how-avoid-t126919 Fake Uber drivers are out there: Here's how to avoid becoming their victim Jeff Rossen and Conor Ferguson TODAY Last year, Carla Westlund was sexually assaulted by a man posing as an Uber driver. Similar...
  8. Yam Digger

    Fake Service Animals Galore!

    http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/theyre-s-ing-all-over-scenes-from-a-world-taken-over-by-fake-service-animals 'They're s---ing all over': Scenes from a world taken over by fake service animals In-flight dog attacks, Wal-Marts splattered with poop and, yes, dogs with emotional support dogs...
  9. B

    State Police roadblocks/sting tonight

    Tonight will be roadblocks on certain roads to bust drunk drivers and verify rideshare drivers are carrying and match their certificate from DPU. Anyone caught riding on others DPU will be arrested and possibly subject to deportation by INS.
  10. EpicSwoleness


    So we had some wintry precipitation here in NC last Friday...probably nothing for those of you who live in other areas, but outside the comfort zone for many Tar Heels. After I left the office, I thought I might do a little driving, that business could be good. I opened the Uber app, and...
  11. M

    Fake Uber Calls

    Hello, I want to comment/report about fake uber calls. I'm not an uber driver nor am I an uber user, but I seem to always get calls from random people telling me that they are my uber driver and every time they did so I had to decline and say that they were probably pranked and so was I, because...
  12. F

    Careful with Lyft Scheduled Pick -Ups

    I attempted my first ever scheduled picked up today! It was going to be a 30 mile trip to lax during the night hours so that means no traffic. woohoo! It seems like an awesome trip. Anyways, I went online as scheduled when I got the text messaged and I accepted the ride. However, once I was...
  13. SuzeCB

    Proof of fake surges

    I just got out of a friend's car. She also drives for Uber. She turned on her app and said look it's surging right here right now. I turned on my app. She was right, however take a look at the two pictures that were taken at the same time. Two different phones in the same car.
  14. SMH Uber

    Airport Queue is not FIFO

    It seems. Was at ORD last evening, there were 56 cars in queue for ubbb. Before I could get in the lot 10 secs got a ping. It was an X. There many cars in the lot. I checked lyft and there were 99 in queue there too. So I don't know what that was about. The FIFO mess is a farce. Unless some...
  15. T

    How Guber steals from its drivers

    Some of the ways I have notice Guber steals from pax and drivers. 1) Driver sees no surge or lower then what pax is paying. As pax I turned on my diver app and see no surge so I order an Uber and I get charged surge. I contacted Guber and get a generic response due to high demand ... As a...
  16. chrisbk88

    I want to give a big shoutout to Uber for ruining NYE

    Uber knew what they were doing. Their customers got served that's all they care about. If there were no incentives, the night would've been lucrative. They wanted to force as many drivers into the boost zone as possible, at 11:55-12:15 the surge was completely fake, and then by 12:20 every damn...
  17. BurgerTiime

    Another fake Uber driver attempts to sexually assault woman

    http://m.startribune.com/police-fake-uber-driver-tries-to-sexually-assault-woman-in-woodbury/390949161/ Too easy for anyone to print off a "U" cities need more oversight
  18. Papa Sarducci

    Imposter Uber Drivers

    How hard would it be for someone to order lighted trade dress on Amazon and lurk in busy spots without actually driving for Uber. Just pull up in front of busy bars around closing time and let stupid drunk pax climb on in. They will be headed down the road before they realize they got in the...
  19. BurgerTiime

    Drug dealer on the run from shooting pretended to be an Uber driver

    http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/drug-dealer-run-shooting-pretended-8543261 This is exactly why they (city) must issue permits and drivers be regulated. Anyone can simply print out a U or buy trade dress off the internet.
  20. NJRed

    Uber Depressed

    I just don't understand what is happening here. I think maybe I am uber depressed. I open the app and see there is surge everywhere on a Friday night at 7 pm. Yet I cannot motivate myself to get into the car and hit the "go online" button. Maybe it is the reality that whenever I am not...