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fake surges

  1. lavetta martin

    As Uber drivers, do you find these things to be true?

    DO you find that the "surge" seems to fade and run from you as you approach it and the disappear completely when you enter the zone? Do you find you do not get paid the surge rate but when you ask the customer what they paid, they got charged the surge rate? I sure do. DO you find that the awful...
  2. tipster98122

    More FAKE surge (AKA Ginger Beard) at airport.

    We've talked about the Ginger Beard (thanks K-pax) hanging around the airport before. And there it was again last night. As I was hanging out in Burien/Normandy Park at that time I thought I'd do a little reconnaissance. So, I followed the Beard. Driving in and out of it for close to 90...
  3. New2This

    Rohit did it again

    Faker than Stormy Daniels boobs I assume
  4. tiveba

    Faaaaaaakkkkeeeee Surges

    Now correct me if I'm wrong but from my understanding a surge means it's not enough drivers out to meet the demands of the riders? I'm asking since today while I was out...I would constantly be dead in the middle of a surging area but only get requests from outside of the surging area....How...
  5. UberMeansSuper

    Non-Surge Honeycombs

    lol I want to know how blank honeycombs happen amidst heavy surges. The blanket surges were better. Stupid blank spots.
  6. M

    How about them surges at Magic convention anyone Benefit or just in traffic?

    How do you even get back to Sands magic convention if you got a surge didn't last long was it fake again? Then back to normal fares again effin jerks Pax must be praised by Uber for not leaving a tip. Cab drivers get $2-5 tip per ride but not us.Why you should praise the effort of the LA...
  7. Ganju Mal

    Crazy surge imagery today

    Did anyone else notice crazy surges all over South Bay with no pings? Multiple times today in 2.1X zone with no pings and eventually getting "non-surge" pings from 10mins-12mins away. I thought Supply < Demand translates to surge but it felt super fake.